Monkton - World Fastball Inv. - Easton "Home Run Challenge" 2006

April 17, 2006

Monkton, ON

Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2006 21:29:59 -0400


Monkton, Ont.
It is with great pleasure I announce that the World Fastball Invitational and Easton have teamed up to bring the inagural Easton "Home Run Challenge" to this years tourny. The competition will take place Friday night at approx 7:30 pm.
The event will feature some of the best "power-hitters" in the game...possible entrants include The Farms Colin Abbott or Dean Holoien, from the Kitchener Hallman Twins - Dale Levy, Donnie Hale or Pat Shannon of County Materials, Orillia Riversharks Rob O'Brien or Rhys Casley, Frank Perez of Heflin, Darren Box??? of ???    and on and on.....
The format is as follows:
-each team will nominate 1 batter to represent their team making a total of 8 entrants. Each batter will be given a "pre-determined" number of "outs" (similar to what Major League Baseball does) Dependant upon time we will have the top 3 - 5 hitters from round one advance to the second round, where the hitters will once again attempt to launch as many balls as possible over the fence before their "outs" are up. The batter with the most home runs from round 2 will be our champion. The winner will walk away with the Easton bat of their choice - approx retail value of $500.00   !!!!!!!
NOTES....  ALL BATTERS MUST USE BATS SUPPLIED STRICTLY FOR THIS COMPETITION BY EASTON.  Easton will provide ALL bats for the competition,  and will have a huge assortment of new bats of various weight, length etc. for ALL entrants to choose from.
To coincide with the tourny's devotion to bringing fastball back to our youth, we will draw the names of 8 young "fastballers" in attendance and they will be matched up with one of the hitters - don a jersey and stand on the field alongside their hero, in hopes of cheering their hitter to victory in order to win $500.00 EASTON DOLLARS for their own team!!!
Easton will have a representative with a complete display of products on-site the entire week-end, to answer any questions, demo products, and help in  any way possible. Visit www.eastonsports.com for a look at their complete array of exciting new fastball products!
Also, visit to tourny website at www.monktonfastball.com - with more updates to be added!
Brian Baillie - Chairman
World Fastball Invitational