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Warsaw Stagboys 2009 Roster & Schedule

April 27, 2009

Warsaw, IL

Warsaw Stagboys 2009 Roster & Schedule

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Warsaw, IL

The Warsaw Stagboys will be competing for one of the slots at the 2009
ISC II Tournament of Champions to be held in Rock Island, IL. For the
first time ever, Warsaw will be welcoming International players from New
Zealand to the squad. This will bring a new flavor of ball to the team
and needed notoriety to the sport of men's fastpitch in the Western
Illinois, Southeast Iowa and Northeast Missouri sporting circles. The
Stagboys are excited to welcome Michael Jamieson, Troy Pirie, and Carl
McIlroy to Warsaw. Also joining the team again after several years with
the competition is veteran southpaw pitcher Tony Koehler. Tony was as an
All-World pitcher at last years NAFA Masters Tournament. The Stagboys
also plan on competing at the ASA Class A National Tournament held in
Decatur, Illinois this year. 2009 marks more than 35 years of at least
one competitive fastpitch team playing out of Warsaw.

2009 Roster

P – Tony Koehler, (Warsaw, IL)
P – Michael Jamieson, (Paraparaumu, Wellington, NZ)
P – Steve Meyer, (Warsaw, IL)
P – Jim Short, (Warsaw, IL)
Mark Quimby (Warsaw, IL)
Zach Summers (Hamilton, IL)
Stu Froman (Warsaw, IL)
Matt Froman (Warsaw, IL)
Mike Maag (Warsaw, IL)
Nate Davis (Keokuk, IA)
Luke Davis (Keokuk, IA)
Doug Buelt (Warsaw, IL)
Troy Pirie (Papakura, Auckland, NZ)
Carl McIlroy (Christchurch, NZ)
Jim Lamer (Jerseyville, IL)
Dylan Austin (Warsaw, IL)
Nick Capaldo (Warsaw, IL)
Greg Dowdall (Cedar Rapids, IA)
Derrick Krause (Cedar Rapids, IA)
Alex Nagy (Warsaw, IL)
Lance Labonte (Warsaw, IL)

Player/Coach - Brad Althide (LaPlata, MO)
Player/Coach - Chad Thompson (Warsaw, IL)
Player/Coach - Zach Short (Hamilton, IL)
Manager - Joe Clarke (Warsaw, IL)

2009 Stagboys Schedule

May 16-17th, Rockford IL, Dick Tracy ISC/ISC II Qualifier
May 30-31st, Springfield IL, Franny’s Invitational
June 4th, Warsaw IL, DH vs. Warsaw DeKalb
June 6th, Warsaw IL, DH Reunion Night vs. Warsaw Shady Catz Bar & Grill
June 11th, Warsaw IL, DH vs. TBA
June 18th, Warsaw IL, DH vs. Warsaw DeKalb
June 19-21st, Walcott IA, ISC Qualifier Week 1
June 26-27th, Walcott IA, ISC Qualifier Week 2
July 2nd, Warsaw IL, DH vs. Bowen, IL
July 10-11, Warsaw IL, TBA.
July 18-19th, Vandalia IL, Guaranteed Air Freight-John Heather Memorial
July 24-26th, Thomson IL, Thomson 6-team Tourney
July 30-Aug 2nd, Altamont IL, ASA Open Illinois State Tournament
August 7-9th, TBA
August 18-22nd, Rock Island IL, ISC II Tournament of Champions
September 2-6th, Decatur IL, ASA Class A National Championship

Warsaw will also be fielding a 23U team for the first time this year.
This team is primarily a developmental squad and consists of young but
seasoned softball players along with young baseball players
transitioning to the fastpitch scene. While still building funding, the
team is planning on attending at least one of the three “Major” 23U
Tournaments and may compete in Illinois State ASA Competition as a
regular team in the mix.

Warsaw 23U Roster:

Luke Davis (Keokuk, IA)
Dylan Austin (Warsaw, IL)
Jeff Dowdall (Hamilton, IL)
Maverick McCarty (Warsaw, IL)
Kendall Summers (Hamilton, IL)
Vince Weigand (Warsaw, IL)
Dennis Jones (Warsaw, IL)
Steven Gooding (Warsaw, IL)
Michael Jamieson (Paraparaumu, Wellington, NZ)
Blake Lomax (Warsaw, IL)
Troy Pirie, (Papakura, Auckland, NZ)
Tyler Thill (Warsaw, IL)
Chris Grosinic (Plymouth, IL)
Carl McIlroy (Christchurch, NZ)
Matt Chaknine (Keokuk, IA)
Nick Bell (Keokuk, IA)
Ryan Miller (Keokuk, IA)

Coach-Randy Clampitt (Quincy, IL)
Coach-Brad Althide (LaPlata, MO)
Coach-Zach Short (Hamilton, IL)
Coach-Craig Davis (Keokuk, IA)

Joe Clarke
Manager, Warsaw Stagboys
Warsaw, Illinois


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