Coldwater Early Bird Results

May 11, 2009

Coldwater, MI

Coldwater Early Bird Tournament Results
Coldwater, MI
The annual Early Bird tournament was held this weekend at Waterworks Park in Coldwater, MI.  The Coldwater Softball Association runs this tournament every year as a fundraiser for it's men's fast pitch league..   The league will have seven teams in it this year and other information can be found at  The Lightning (Marshall, MI) and Bernie's (Homer, MI) are also hoping to arrange another exhibition double header with the Argentina National Team on June 10th at Waterworks Park in Coldwater.
Here are the results from this weekend:
1.  Lightning (Marshall, MI) 4-0          (formerly HBC Lightning & Rice Creek Lightning)
2.  Stock Pack (Ashland, OH) 4-2
3.  Blues (Hastings, MI) 2-2
4.  Duncan Outlaws (Elkhart, IN) 2-2
5.  Goshen Gators (Goshen, IN) 1-2
5.  Bernie’s / R/T Boring (Homer, MI) 1-2
7.  Tri-County (Springport, MI) 0-2
7.  DC Current (Bremen, IN) 0-2
Game 14 (Championship)
Lightning          5 (9 innings)
Stock Pack      4
WP- Sean Kelly          7H 7K 2BB
LP- Ty McKinney       8H 9K 1BB
Notes: Game was tied at 1 after seven innings. Both teams scored 1 run using international tie breaker in the 8th inning.  Ashland took a 4-2 lead in the top of the ninth.  Lightning won the game with a 3 run walk-off HR with 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth.
HR- J.Whitely (Stock Pack), S. Kelly (Lightning)
Game 13
Stock Pack      4
Blues               2
WP- Ty McKinney      3H 11K 3BB
LP- Ryan Nichols       5H 6K 5BB
HR- R. Nichols (Blues), S. Flinner (Stock Pack)
Game 12
Stock Pack      9
Outlaws           6
WP- Jim Yates            8H 8K 3BB                
LP- Josh Gray
HR- S. Flinner 2 (Stock Pack)
Game 11
Lightning          3
Blues               2
WP- Jeff Lovell          6IP 4H 4K 2BB                 S- Sean Kelly              1IP 0H 2K
LP- Ryan Nichols       7H 9K 3BB
HR- B. Skirka (Lightning)     
Game 10
Outlaws           10 (6 innings)
Goshen            3
WP- Lane Bender       4H 7K 1BB
LP- Darren Miller relieved by Browning Chabot
HR- M. Bralick (Goshen), J. Cobb 2 (Outlaws), J. Brown (Outlaws)
Game 9
Stock Pack      8 (5 innings)
Bernie’s           1
WP- Ty McKinney      4H 13K 0BB
LP- Jeff Graff             10H 5K 1BB
Game 8
Blues               4 (8 innings)
Outlaws           3
WP- Ryan Nichols      7H 12K 2BB
LP- Allen Hodge in relief of Lane Bender and Tim Murphy
Notes: Game was tied at 3 after 7 innings.  The Outlaws were unable to score in the top of the 8th.  The Blues bunted Jared Nichols over to 3rd base and he scored in a close play at the plate on a ground ball to the shortstop.
HR- T. Smart (Outlaws)
Game 7
Lightning          5 (11 innings)
Bernie’s           4
WP- Sean Kelly          4H 19K 5BB
LP- Bryan Boyd         7H 16K 1BB
Notes: Game was tied at 1 after 7 innings.  Both teams scored 2 runs in the 10th inning and Brian Skirka hit a 2 run home run in the top of the 11th inning for the Lightning.
HR- B. Skirka (Lightning), S. Myers (Bernie’s), D. Sherman (Bernie’s)
Game 6
Stock Pack      10
DC Current     5
WP- Jim Yates in relief of Rick Plangger
LP- Aaron Eckman     10H 3K 3BB
HR- T. Urban 2 (Stock Pack), B. Webb (Stock Pack), S. Flinner 2 (Stock Pack)
Game 5
Goshen            10
Tri-County      7
WP- Browning Chabot           6H 8K 1BB
LP- Derek Benden                  8H 6K 4BB
Notes: Goshen needed 1 run in the bottom of the 6th inning to avoid the mercy rule and they ended up scoring all ten runs that inning..  They had 1 hit in the game up to that point.
HR- C. Kregal (Tri-County)
Game 4
Outlaws           6
Stock Pack      2
WP- Josh Gray            4H 10K 4BB
LP- Ty McKinney, relieved by Jim Yates
HR- T. Smart (Outlaws)
Game 3
Blues               1
DC Current     0
WP- Ryan Nichols      2H 16K 1BB
LP- Mike Huppert       3H 6K 1BB
Notes: Only run of the game scored on a sac fly by John Ouendag in the bottom of the 5th inning.
Game 2
Bernie’s           3
Tri-County      1
WP- Shannon Damron            5IP 1H 6K 1BB          S- Bryan Boyd     2IP 0H 4K 1BB
LP- Doug Sleep                      5H 8K 0BB
HR- J. Sherman (Bernie’s)
Game 1
Lightning          8 (6 innings)
Goshen            0
WP- Sean Kelly                      2H 10K 1BB
LP- Wayne Koshmider           9H 7K 1BB
Most Valuable Pitcher
Sean Kelly (Lightning)           3-0 27IP 13H 8R 38K      
Most Valuable Hitter
Brian Skirka (Lightning)         3HR, 2B, 5RBI
Sean Kelly
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