Results from Austin Castro Concrete Jokers Memorial Weekend Tournament

May 25, 2009

Austin, TX

Hello Fast Ball fans ,
                                On behalf of The Castro Family and The Jokers Athletic Club we would like to thank all the teams , players and fans who came to Austin this Memorial weekend to watch some Great fastball action . We had a great mix of nationalities here this weekend from some home grown Texans, a few  Californians  to some Mexican Nationals a few Canadians and a lone Cuban.
The fate of fastball is a live and well in Austin Texas. Mother nature play a small role again with some rain delays and a 55 min. Lighting show ( delay )  but the games and the Tournament went on.
I would like to thank and congratulate this years Champion Reynosa Mexico 100% Necio and their manager Mario Akino for a great showing with a  very talented and respectfull group of guys. Mexico was Lead by the Great pitching of Daniel Gonzalez and Tournament Most Valuable Pitcher Sergio Almeida .Great hitting peformances from Most Valuable Hitter Gustavo Priskett and Tournament Most Valuable Player Manuel "MeMe" Vela.  
I would also like to thank the host team and runner-up Castro Concrete Jokers and their manager Eric Ramirez along with the pitching duo of Wayne Wells and Mike Egerdeen and their great showing. Thank you guys for a good job and you are always welcome to come back to Austin Texas we'ld love to have you. Here is how the Tournament finished along with some game stats.
Champion :  Reynosa Mexico 100% Necio
2nd Place :  Austin Castro Concrete Jokers
3rd Place :  San Antonio Titans
4th Place:   Killeen Fastpitch
Most Valuable Player :    Manuel "MeMe" Vela    Reynosa
Most Valuable Hitter :     Gustavo Priskett   (.750) Reynosa
Most Valuable Pitcher :   Sergio Almeida   3-0
All Tournament Team :    Reymundo Berrones     Reynosa
                                     Vicente Frias               Reynosa
                                     Roel Ramirez               Reynosa
                                     Daniel Gonzalez           Reynosa
                                     Chris Torres                 Jokers
                                     Pete Rodriguez            Jokers
                                     Wayne Wells               Jokers
                                     Mike Edgerdeen           Jokers
                                     Lalo Escobedo             Titans
                                     Javier Tamez                Titans
                                     Rowdy Zete                  Killeen
                                     Mike Cruz                    Killeen
Championship Game: Reynosa -   3
 (32)                          Jokers    -    0
                                WP- Gonzalez          2 hit shutout  , 9 strikeouts
                                LP-  Egerdeen 
                                Reynosa : Gustavo Priskett 2-3
3rd Place Game     Jokers - 7
 (31)                      Titans - 0     Forfeit
                            ( pitcher had to fly out )
4th Place Game     Titans - 5
 (30)                      Killeen -2
                            WP- Escobedo       5 strikeouts
                            LP - Tepole
Gm 29                Killeen                - 7
                          S.A. Compardes - 5
                          WP- Tepole
                          LP-   Alonzo
                          ( HR ) Killeen  Mike Cruz
Gm 28               Titans - 8
                         Manor - 6
                         WP- Escobedo
                         LP - Barker
Gm 25               Reynosa - 2
                        Jokers    -  0  
                        WP- Gonzalez   2 hit shutout  ,8 strikeouts   
                        LP - Wells         3 hitter  , 7 strikeouts 
Gm 19              Reynosa - 8
                        Killeen    - 6
                        WP- Almeida
                        LP- Tepole
                        (HR) Reynosa - Mario Akino
Gm 16             Jokers -6
                       Titans - 2
                       WP- Egerdeen
                       LP- Escobebo
                       Wells finished the last two innings no runs 4 strikeouts
Gm 13             Reynosa    - 6
                       Compardes- 2
                       WP- Almeida    3 hits , 7 strikeouts
                       LP - Alonzo
                       Reynosa     M.Vela 2-3
                                        G. Priskett 2-3
Gm 11            Killeen        - 5
                      Sportsman - 3
                      WP- Tepole
                      LP- Joseph
                      Killeen M.Cruz 2-3
Gm 10           Jokers  - 5
                     Denton - 0
                     WP - Wells               No Hitter 11 strikeouts
                     LP-  ??
                     Jokers C. Torres 2-2
Gm8              Titans     - 11 
                     Louisiana - 2                     
                     WP- Escobedo         2 hits , 8 strikeouts
                     LP- Rony
Gm7             Reynosa - 9
                    76'ers     - 0
                    WP- Almeida      No Hitter , 9 strikeouts
                    LP- Alvarado
                    Reynosa -  M. Vela 3-3
                                     G. Priskett 3-3
                                     R. Berrones 2-2
Gm4           Killeen - 6
                  Geo-Per -2
                  WP- Tepole
                  LP- Rogers
Gm 3          Jokers       - 9
                  Glo Worm - 0
                  WP- Egerdeen          Perfect Game  10 strikeouts
                  LP- Rios
Gm 1          Titans - 12
                  Castro-  7
                  WP- Escobedo
                  LP- Rey
Once again Thank you everyone for attending, We hope you had a great time and like we say down here in Texas " Ya'll Come on Back now " you hear ... 

--      Thank You
"Your Friend In Softball"
       John Limon
Texas ISC Commissioner    


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