Best of the West

May 31, 2009

Santa Barbara, CA

Sunday updates from Best of the West at Santa Barbara 

We have posted winners and losers from the Sunday morning elimination games on our Twitter page:


Late getting back from the fields.  

Saturday's Scoreboard:

Saturday Order of Finish and Seedings for Sunday's Playoff Round

*Jeremy Manley and his Pueblo Bandits were 3-0, with Manley striking out 48 batters..
*BJ Hunhoff was 2-0, with two shutouts, one of which was a no-hitter.  BJ's Pirate squad finished 2-1 and nabbed the #2 seed.
*Taylor Farms California Athletics finished 2-1, losing only to Pueblo. Manley and Drotzmann were tied at 1 going into the final inning. Taylor Farms is the #3 seed.

We'll post more details as they become available.

Twitter page available for players, teams and fans

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Follow the Best of the West on Fastpitchwest's Twitter page:

I'm still enroute to the tournament, so if you get any information, please post it to Twitter.

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Best of the West Kicks Off Today

May 30th, 2009

[SANTA BARBARA, CA[ - Action gets underway today in beautiful Santa
Barbara California at the 19th annual Best of the West tournament.
Fifteen teams will be on hand, the largest field of teams ever at the
longest standing open level men’s fastpitch tournament in California,
with tournament director David Blackburn and host Clyde Bennett on
hand to welcome the teams and fastpitch fans.

The ISC # 12 ranked Pueblo Bandits with New Zealand pitcher Jeremy
Manley from Colorado will headline the tournament, along with ISC # 19
ranked California Athletics, with Team USA pitcher Travis Price, and
last year’s ISC II Most Valuable Pitcher Dave Drotzmann and Mike

Click here to view the profiles for the teams competing, including
their rosters:

Eight teams will square off at 8:30 a.m. for the early action, with
games, with games slated all day Saturday, with the last set at
5:15pm. Three fields are in use at Ellings Park, with one more at
Pershing Park in the heart of Santa Barbara.

Single elimination playoffs will kick off on Sunday morning at 8am,
with the championship game set to go at 3pm PDT.

Catch all the scores here at the Morning Brief at Fastpitchwest:

and look to for great action shots and more at the
conclusion of the tournament.


1. SantaCecelia, Mexicali, Mexico
2. Hostilez,Morongo Reservation
3. Bandits, Pueblo, CO
4. Tri-County, Santa Barbara, CA
5. ISC II #32 InnovativeCommunications, Lehi, Utah
6. Coyotes, Beaumont, CA
7. Taylor Farms Athletics, Salinas, CA
8. SilverHawks, Bakersfield, CA
9. ISC II #6 Rude Pac, Sun Valley, CA
10. SoCal Tribes,San Jacinto, CA
11. ISC II #15 C.R.Rockers, Portland, Oregon
12. Young Bucks,Santa Barbara, CA
13. Black Sox, Long Beach, CA
14. Team Pape Pirates, Walnut Creek, CA
15. ISC II #37 Maccabi USA

*This is the complete REVISED schedule, including changes to the
Sunday playoffs*

Saturday May 30
Game 1 @ Elings Park Field 1 - 8:30 AM
Taylor Farms Athletics Vs Bandits

Game 2 @ Elings Park Field 2 - 8:30 AM
CR Rockers Vs Rude Pac

Game 3 @ Elings Park Field 3 – 8:30 AM
SoCal Tribes Vs Silver Hawks

Game 4 @ Pershing Park – 8:30 AM
Tri-County Vs Coyotes

Game 5 @ Elings Park Field 1 – 10:15 AM
Santa Cecelia Vs Innovative Communications

Game 6 @ Elings Park Field 2 – 10:15 AM
Black Sox Vs Team Pape Pirates

Game 7 @ Elings Park Field 3 – 10:15 AM
Maccabi USAVs Young Bucks

Game 8 @ Pershing Park – 10:15 AM
Hostilez Vs Tri-County

Game 9 @ Elings Park Field 1 – 12:00 Noon
Santa Cecilia Vs Bandits

Game 10 @ Elings Park – Field 2 – 12:00Noon
Black Sox vs Taylor Farms

Game 11 @ Elings Park – Field 3 – 12:00Noon
Maccabi USAVs SoCal Tribes

Game 12 @ Pershing Park – 12:00 Noon
Silver Hawks Vs Hostilez

Game 13 @ Elings Park Field 1 – 1:45 PM
Team Pape Pirates Vs CR Rockers

Game 14 @ Elings Park Field 2 – 1:45 PM
Rude Pac Vs Innovative Communications

Game 15 @ Elings Park Field 3 – 1:45 PM
Young Bucks Vs Coyotes

Game 16 @ Pershing Park – 1:45 PM
Silver Hawks Vs Tri-County

Game 17 @ Elings Park Field 1 – 3:30 PM
CR Rockers Vs Bandits

Game 18 @ Elings Park Field 2 – 3:30 PM
Taylor Farms Athletics Vs Innovative Communications

Game 19 @ Elings Park Field 3 – 3:30 PM
Rude Pac vs Black Sox

Game 20 @ Pershing Park – 3:30 PM
Maccabi USAVs Hostilez

Game 21 @ Elings Park Field 1 - 5:15 PM
Santa Cecelia Vs Team Pape Pirates

Game 22 @ Pershing Park – 5:15 PM
So CalTribes Vs Coyotes

Sunday Playoffs

Game 23 8:00 AM @ Elings Park Field 1 - 13th Place Vs 4th Place
Game 24 8:00 AM @ Elings Park Field 2 - 10th Place Vs 7th Place
Game 25 8:00 AM @ Elings Park Field 3 – 8th Place Vs 9th Place
Game 26 8:00 AM @ Pershing Park - 11th Place Vs 6th Place
Game 27 9:45 AM @ Elings Park Field 2 – 2nd Place Vs 15th Place
Game 28 9:45 AM @ Elings Park Field 3 – 3rd Place Vs 14th Place
Game 29 9:45 AM @ Pershing Park – 5th Place Vs 12th Place
Game 30 9:45 AM @ Elings Park Field 1 – (Quarterfinal) W Game 23 Vs W Game 24
Game 31 11:30 AM @ Elings Park Field 2(Quarter-Final) W Game 27 Vs W Game 26
Game 32 11:30 AM @ Elings Park Field 1 (Quarter-Final) 1st Place Vs W Game 25
Game 33 11:30 AM @ Elings Park Field 3 (Quarter-Final) W Game 28 Vs W Game 29
Game 34 1:15 PM @ Elings Park Field 2 (SemiFinals) W Game 30 Vs W Game 31
Game 35 1:15 PM @ Elings Park Field 1 (Semi-Finals) W Game 32 Vs W Game 33
Game 36 3:00 PM @ Elings Park Field 1 (Championship) W Game 34 vs W Game 35

Best regards,
Jim Flanagan
Email: jim (at) fastpitchwest (dot)co

We will be updating our "Sunday Scoreboard" during the next hour or so at

No internet connection at the field, so back to the hotel to post. I expect that we'll have one midday post to both Twitter and our Sunday Scoreboard, and then one at the conclusion of the tournament, about 6pm-ish PDT.

Maddy is shooting plenty of photos, which will be posted at her site, during the week.

Best regards,
Jim Flanagan, for Tournament Directors David Blackburn and host Clyde Bennett
email: (jim) at fastpitchwest (dot) com

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