FINAL UPDATE: The blues, the statisticians, the competitions, the celebrity

June 11, 2009


The World Series All-Star Exhibition Fastpitch Men’s Softball Match- June 13- Victoria Point Sharks Sporting Fields- a game organised by players, for players.
FINAL UPDATE: The blues, the statisticians, the competitions, the celebrity.
THE BLUES: The concept of the night is to not only celebrate the players but also the officials who have devoted so much to the sport over the years. Without further ado, we are pleased to announce the following umpires will be taking to the diamond to officiate the game- a mix of youth and experience!
Yvonne Kahler
Level 6 Accreditation 2004. Attended first Nationals 1998.
U16/U19 Men’s Nationals, Perth, 1999. ACT, 2000.
U19 Men’s Nationals Caboolture, 2001.
U23 Men’s Nationals, Sydney, 2004.
U19 Men’s Nationals, Redlands, 2008.
Open’s Men’s Nationals, 2009.
Southern Cross Challenge, Redlands, 2008.
Trans Tasman Exchange 2009.
First attended State Championships in mid 80’s (Open’s Men’s, Ipswich). Has attended every Senior Men’s State championship since 1997 and many of the U19 Men’s State Championships.
Mark Toft
Level 6 Accreditation 2002. Umpired officially since 1988.
First Nationals 1998. 25 National Tournaments (6 Open Men’s , 8 U/19 Youths, 3 U/23 Men, 2 U/16 Boys)
David Casey
ASF Level 5. Umpired Australia v China, 2006. 7 National Championships.
Darren Sibraa
ISF Accreditation 2006. Australian Level 6 accreditation 2005. National Awards- “Viv Triplett” Australian Umpire of the Year in 2006.
State Awards- “Tricia Bichel” Queensland Umpire of the Year in 2004 and 2006.
ISF International tournaments: VIII World Junior Men’s Championship, Canada, 2008. ISF Open Men’s Oceania Qualifier, New Zealand, 2008. Pacific International Men’s Series, Canberra, 2007. China Cup, Beijing, 2007
Additional overseas appointments: Trans Tasman Exchange, New Zealand Men’s Open Club tournament, Christchurch, NZ, 2007.
National tournaments: Open Men’s Nationals (7) 2003 – 2009. Open Women’s Nationals (4) 2004, 2006 - 2007, 2009. Under 23 Men’s Nationals (2) 2003, 2007. U/23 Women’s Nationals: (1) 2004. U/19 Men’s Nationals (2) 2005, 2008. U/19 Women’s Nationals (2) 2007 – 2008. U/16 Boy’s Nationals (3) 2003 – 2004, 2009.
Major Achievements – Administration: National Umpiring Committee since 2008. Queensland State Director of Umpiring since 2003. National Examination (Basic paper) working party since 2005. Queensland State Umpiring Committee since 2001
Matthew Blake
Started umpiring at age of 13. Umpired various state champs every year since. First Nationals in 2008. Umpired Australia vs China in 2008.
Matthew Gowty
ISF Accreditation (1997). Level 7 Accreditation (2000).
International Tournaments:
1988 Bicentennial Challenge Brisbane
1994 South Pacific Classic Sydney
1996 4 Nation Challenge Brisbane
1997 4 Nation Challenge Brisbane
1997 V Junior Mens World Championships, Canada
1999 US Olympic Cup San Diego, CA, USA
2000 5 Nation Challenge Sydney
2000 X Mens World Championships, South Africa
2001 VI Junior Mens World Championship, Sydney
2002 US Cup Honolulu, HI
2002 Canada Cup Vancouver, BC
2002 X Womens World Championship, Canada
Total 31 National championships since 1986!
Awards- Australian Sports Medal 2000. Inaugural winner of NSWSUA "Andrew Rindfleish" Umpire of the Year Award. Inducted into Softball Australia Hall of Fame in 2006
Ken Culpitt
Umpired at least two national championships every year, including the Open Men’s National Championship every year since 1987. Ken has officiated at over 200 international matches, including six world championships.
1998- admitted as a life member of Softball Canberra. 2004- Australian Softball Administrator of the Year Award. 2005- Life Membership of Softball Australia, and inducted into the ISF Hall of Fame in 2007.
Active and influential contributor at the national level for softball since 1979.
THE STATISTICIANS- And from the side line, the game will be plotted by two of the most experienced sideline stars!:
Christine Jacka
International team: Great Britain (scorer) 2009
World Series: ISF- Canada 2009
State: Qld U/19s, U/23 and Open Men’s scorer 1989-1991, 1995-1997 (Open Men’s Champions 1995)
Individual Awards: ASF Service award. QSA Service award. Best Batter- Jindalee Jaguars and Darwin Waratahs
Ngaire Huston
International team: Australian U/19s 1997, Open Men’s 1999-2004
World Series: ISF- U/19s Canada 1997, Open Men’s South Africa 2000, Christchurch 2004. Official scorer Sydney 20000 Olympics
State: 21 consecutive years 1989-current consisting of Qld Open Men’s (Champions 2002), Open Women’s and U/19s Youths (Champions 1992).
Individual Awards: Level 6 scorer. Australian scorer of the year 2002, 2003. Life Member QSA. National scoring committee since 1996.

PRE-GAME ENTERTAINMENT: The following challenges will be conducted in this order starting at 4:45pm on the night:
Fastest Around the Bases
Each runner gets 2 attempts at running around all 4 bases. Fastest time recorded by stopwatch. If they slip- then they get their second chance but no additional attempt. Some of the fastest feet on the diamond will be taking part:
  1. Benny Trindle
  2. Darren Brewer
  3. Frecks Nathan
  4. Josh Davison
  5. Julian Jemmott
Outfield Throws
Outfielders stand behind a marker placed in mid-centre field. A target is placed above home plate. Ball starts in outfielder’s glove. Outfielders must throw the ball from behind the marker. Each player gets 5 attempts to hit the target. Most hits out of 5 attempts wins the challenge. If a tie-breaker is needed, get another 3 attempts each. After that, sudden death! Long-range experts to battle it out include:
  1. Scott Sunley
  2. Patrick Morgan
  3. Ray Lane
  4. Tyron Bartorillo
  5. Terry Downes
Catcher Pick-offs
A target is placed above second base. Ball is delivered to catcher. Catcher throws over to second base trying to hit the target. Each player gets 5 attempts to hit the target. Most hits out of 5 attempts wins the challenge. If a tie-breaker is needed, get another 3 attempts each. After that, sudden death! Accuracy and strength is the key to the challenge:
  1. Luke van de Griendt
  2. Ralph (Dog) Nathan
  3. Chris Stahlhut
  4. Leon Hardie
  5. Richard Devey
Fastest Pitch Contest
Each pitcher delivers 5 pitches with speed gun set-up. Speeds recorded. Fastest individual pitch of the 5 pitchers’ wins. The maestros of the mound competing will be:
  1. Darren DJ Pyke
  2. Aaron Clarke
  3. Dave Berridge
  4. Thomas Cameron
  5. Shaun Marino
Home Run Contest
Ball delivered to batter. Batter gets 10 balls. Total number of home-runs in fair territory is recorded. If a tie-breaker is needed, get another 5 attempts each. After that, sudden death! The batters looking to go longer than each other include:
  1. Zenon Winters
  2. Murray McLean
  3. Corey Matakatea
  4. Shane King
  5. David Metekingi
And finally, SHARIF FROM BIG BROTHER will be delivering the ceremonious first pitch of the game!!!! So come see if Sharif has what it takes to deliver a deadly drop ball!!!
Check out the Facebook website for some great retro softball shots- from the days before batting helmets! as well as two links to fastpitch short-documentaries.
A final thank-you to our sponsors who have made this night possible:
The Victoria Point Sharks Sporting Club- Excellence through Sport and Community Achievement
4KQ’s our station!
Moreton Hire- Experience is Everything- ph 3307 4444
Dormers Softball Equipment- Bringing world class products from world class manufacturers to Australia- ph 0417 757 953
ALL4Fitness- If its about YOU and getting what YOU want, then call ALL4Fitness today- ph 0417 078 159
Dante’s Pizzaria Victoria Point- ph 3207 0035
The Redland City Council

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