Hustle Hogs Spotlight #4

April 19, 2006

DeKalb, Il.



DeKalb, Il.

This is the fourth and final spotlight series dedicated to the DeKalbv Hustle Hogs Fastball club.

Vince Virtue (3B/C) Vince has been hampered by injuries the last three seasons.  However, Vince has still managed to be a consistent bat and an excellent utility player for the Hogs.  Vince hit .245 in '05.  A broken foot in July cost him the rest of the season.  Vince is an extremely motivated player that can fill in many spots on the field.

Matt Smith (of)  Smith tore a quad muscle early in the 2005 season.  He still managed to hit .400 and had an OBA of .421.  Smith has been in the top two for batting average on the Hogs the last five seasons.  Smith brings a great eye to the plate and is an excellent bunter.  His leadership is valued by the team and was awarded the manger's job this off season.

Mike Drew (1B/DH) Mike brings the only Men's Major World Championship ring to the Hogs.  Mike has played for many world class teams and has All American and All World honors to his resume.  Mike hit .315 in '05 and uses his experience to help the younger players on the team.  Drew's value in the clubhouse is priceless.

Les Johnson