2009 NSA (National Softball Association) Men's Fastpitch World Series

August 4, 2009

Salem, VA

The New York Bombers won the 2009 NSA (National Softball Association) Men's Fastpitch World Series held at the Moyer Sports Complex in Salem, VA this past Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The Bombers posted a perfect 5-0 record, before getting rained out on Sunday.  This was the Bombers second National Title, winning the event in Cherokee, NC, in 2006.  The tournament consisted of 3 round robin games for seeding purposes, before double elimination play started.
Game #1 NY Bombers 9, Yuengling, Pottsville PA 0 (Cevette, 3X3, Fenstermacher 2 HR, 3 RBI', Hackett, 2 RBI Double, Gouger 2 RBI single, Cummings 13 k's, 1 hit)
Game #2 NY Bombers 14, Big Cove, VA 0 (Stock HR, 4 RBI, Carr HR, 2 RBI, Dry Grand Slam, Gouger 2X2, Heyman 5 k's, 3 hitter)
Game #3 NY Bombers 7, Jersey Shore, PA 1 (Fensternmacher 3X3, 2 HR, 5 RBI, Gouger 2 RBI single, Sampson 6 K's, 4 hitter)
Game #4 NY Bombers 9, Memphis Dawgs, TN 0 (Carr, 2X3, 2 HR, 4 RBI, Cevette, HR, 2 RBI, Fenstermacher, 2X2, HR, Wazilewski HR, 2 RBI, Cummings 7 K's, 1 hitter)
Game #5 NY Bombers 7, South Carolina Tornados 1(Carr, HR, 2 RBI, Fenstermacher, HR, Cevette, 2X3, Waz, Double, 2 RBI, Heyman, 15 k's, 2 hitter)
The following were named to the All World Team:
Ryan Cummings, 2 wins, 20 K's, 2 hits given up, Tournament MVP Pitcher
Bart Fenstermacher 9X13, 5 HR, 9 RBI's-MVP
Justin Cevette 9X14, 1 HR, 4 RBI's
Jeff Carr 6X15, 4 HR, 8 RBI's
Justin Stock 4X13, 5 RBI's
Ryan Cummings 20K, 1 hit, 2 BB
Justin Heyman, 20K, 3 hit, 1 BB
Shawn Sampson, 6K, 4 hit, 0 BB
Bruce Hackett 3X10, 3 RBI, Double
John Dry 4X10, 5 RBI, HR
BJ Gouger 4X9, 5 RBI
Jake Waz 3X6, 4 RBI, HR
Dan Edholm 2X8
Roger Karn, 3X7
The Bombers will head to Elkland, PA on Aug. 29/30 for a 16 team double elimination tournament.
John Dry
NY Bombers
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