Niagara Falls wrap up

August 10, 2009

Niagara Falls, ON

Scores from Friday night games at Ker Park in Niagara Falls
Hamilton Raiders 3
Storms Fury 0
wp - Mike Mckeon
lp - George Topp
Waterdown Hammer 9
Hooligans Dawgs 1
wp - Jim Hurst
lp - Marvin Smith   
Hammer - HR's Kyle Davis and Steve Gillies
RailRoaders 3   
Waterdown Target 1
wp - Ralph Horner 
lp - Mark Curtis
RailRoaders - Bottefield
Cool Hand Lukes 16
Port Burwell Lakers 0
wp - Ron Winger   
lp - Mike Franklin   
Lukes - HR's Steve Train 2, Mark Hall and Pat McCloy
Niagara Snappers 4
Udney Storm 1
wp - Wayne Wells
lp - Ryan Swift
Snappers - Peter Dobbin
Storm - Justin Silling

Scores from Saturday morning in Niagara Falls
Straffordsville Express 6
Vaughan Stealers 0
wp - Brendan Eppel
lp - Michael Skrobacky
Express - HR's Shaun Russell and Mike Vereeken
Pickering Blazers - 6
Don Cherry's - 2
wp - Den Domenico
Bracebridge Farm - 7
Port Burwell Lakers - 1
wp - Ted ???
lp - Ryan McCurdy
Predators - 6
Goulding Park - 5
wp - Ryan Horsely
Predators - Joel Fleming 
Waterdown Target - 8
Storms Fury - 5
wp - Rick Hames
lp - Kyle Linton
Fury - HR's Jeff Wilson and Scott Wagar
Target - Mark Cameron
Hooligans Dawgs - 5
Hamilton Raiders - 0
wp - Rich Vassos
Niagara Snappers - 6
Don Cherry's - 0
wp - Dan Duemo
lp - James Goldburn   
Snappers - HR's Scott Young and Sammy Forbes
Udney Storm - 10
K/W Wizards - 3
wp - J.C. Swift
lp - Ben Hodgeson
Storm - HR's Chad Murdoch 2, Justin Shilling
Wizards - HR Ben Hodgson




Niagara Falls Canada
Hi Al
A more complete update from Niagara Falls Saturday evening games to follow but the matchups for Sunday are as follows
D semi's 8:30 am include Port Burwell Lakers, Predators, K/W Wizards and Goulding Park 
C semi's 9 and 11 am include Storms Fury, Hooligans Dawgs, Hamilton Raiders and Pickering Blazers
B semi's 10:30 am include Bracebridge Farm, Waterdown Target, RailRoaders and Straffordsville Express
A semi's 12:30 pm Niagara Snappers vs Udney Storm and Cool Hand Lukes vs Waterdown Hammer
B Final 1 pm
C and D final at 2:30 pm
A Final 3:30 pm
Getting pretty tired of ducking Mother Nature every weekend in Southern Ontario....
As always thanks for your support of Niagara Fastball, be back tonight (or tomorrow) with complete results

Niagara Falls Canada
Hi Al
Mother nature wins again
With most of the semi finals finished or close to be finished, torrential rain and thunderstorms hit Niagara and eventually washed the Sunday afternoon games away. You never like to see a tournament go incomplete but the fields were deemed unplayable by the time all the rain stopped. Thanks again to all the volunteers, Umpires, groundscrew, fans and of course to all the teams that attended. The tournament was very well attended again and special thanks goes to Herb Beckman and Al Greatrix for again running the show. Below is the summary of the partial Sunday action
D Division, Goulding Park and Predators managed to win their semi finals but the final was not played.
C Division, Hooligans Dawgs won their semi final matchup against Pickering Blazers and Storms Fury were up 5-0 in their Semi against Hamilton Raiders, again the C division final was not played.
B Division, Waterdown Target win their B semi and Straffordsville Express leads RailRoaders 8-5 in B5 when the rain comes, B finals not played.
A Division, Cool Hand Lukes, Niagara Snappers, Waterdown Hammer, Udney Storm did not get any Sunday games in.
On a more interesting note it was however determined that a pitcher could actually nail the scoreboard beyond the right field fence from behind the pitchers mound on the fourth try. Unfortunately it was one pitch and $20 too late.
Thanks for updating the site on the weekend Al.

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