Ballpark Radio announces broadcast schedule for ISC and ISC II

August 10, 2009

Quad Cities, IA/IL

Ballpark Radio, the exclusive provider of streaming audio and video for the International Softball Congress, is pleased to announce that it will be doing 49 live broadcasts from the ISC World Tournament and the ISC II Tournament of Champions in Quad Cities, IA-IL. The broadcast schedule for both tournaments is below.

Broadcasts from the ISC World Tournament will be streamed with four-camera video and audio through a new portal -

ISC II broadcasts, as they have for the past five years, will be audio streamed through

Links to the broadcasts will also be available on the ISC website at andAl’s Fastball at

The Ballpark Radio team includes play-by-play broadcasters Kyle Smith, Jim Flanagan, Blair Setford and Lance Winn along with color commentary by Bill Hillhouse, Joe Todd and additional guests. 

Players in both tournaments are asked to please fill out the online form at the links below to provide our broadcasters with some biographical information about you for use during the broadcasts.

World Tournament

Tournament of Champions

For additional information on Ballpark Radio or the ISC and ISC II broadcast schedule, please contact:

Program Directors
Jim Flanagan

Blair Setford

All times shown are Central Daylight Time.


ISC World Tournament Broadcast Schedule -
Sat Aug 15
1:00 pm G7 Midland vs California - Bonus coverage with audio & test video
6:00 pm G9 Kitchener vs winner Thomson/Kegal
8:00 pm G10 Albaugh vs winner St. Thomas/Green Bay
Sun Aug 16
4:00 pm G13 Aspen vs winner Dolan & Murphy/Ashland
6:00 pm G14 Farm vs winner Pueblo/Saskatoon
8:00 pm G16 Bow Patsy's vs winner Quad City/Appleton
Mon Aug 17
7:00 pm G27 winner's bracket quarter-final
9:00 pm G29 winner's bracket quarter-final
Tue Aug 18
7:00 pm G39 winner's bracket quarter-final
9:00 pm G40 winner's bracket quarter-final
Wed Aug 19
7:00 pm G47 loser's bracket game
9:00 pm G48 loser's bracket game
Thu Aug 20
3:00 pm G51 winner's bracket semi-final
5:00 pm G52 winner's bracket semi-final
7:00 pm G53 loser's bracket quarter final
9:00 pm G54 loser's bracket quarter final
Fri Aug 21
12:00 pm G55 loser's bracket semi-final - loser finishes 4th
2:00 pm G56 winner's bracket final
4:00 pm G57 loser's bracket final - loser finishes 3rd
7:00 pm G58 Championship game
ISC II Tournament of Champions Broadcast Schedule -
Tue Aug 18
10:30 am ToC G5 Ashland vs Palermo
12:30 pm ToC G9 Port Elgin vs Sioux Falls
2:30 pm ToC G13 Ottawa vs Minnesota
6:00 pm ToC G17 Waterdown vs Ohsweken
8:00 pm ToC G21 Bridgeport vs Walcott
Wed Aug 19
10:30 am ToC G29 KW vs Lloydminster
11:00 am ToC G32 Rude Pac vs Quyon (CHANNEL 2)
12:30 pm ToC G33 Kitchener vs Villard
1:00 pm ToC G35 Halifax vs Port Elgin (CHANNEL 2)
2:30 pm ToC G37 Bridgeport vs CPI
4:30 pm ToC G41 Portland vs Elmira
6:30 pm ToC G45 Waterdown vs Rise
8:30 pm ToC G49 Ottawa vs Alvinston
9:00 pm ToC G52 Elmira vs Bulyea (CHANNEL 2)
Thu Aug 20
10:30 am ToC G57 Port Elgin vs Shakespeare
12:30 pm ToC G61 Ashland vs Black Gold
2:30 pm ToC G65 Kitchener vs Decatur
4:30 pm ToC G69 K-W vs Rude Pac
6:30 pm ToC G73 Bridgeport vs Donnacona
8:30 pm ToC G77 Portland vs PA Power
Fri Aug 21
11:00 am ToC G85 Pool B 3rd vs Pool G 2nd
1:00 pm ToC G89 Pool C 1st vs Winner G81
3:00 pm ToC G93 Pool A 1st vs Winner G85
5:00 pm ToC G97 Quarter-final 1
6:00 pm ToC G98 Quarter-final 2 (CHANNEL 2)
7:00 pm ToC G99 Quarter-final 3
9:00 pm ToC G100 Quarter-final 4
Sat Aug 22
11:00 am ToC G101 Semi-final 1 (CHANNEL 2)
11:00 am ToC G102 Semi-final 2
1:30 pm ToC G103 ISC II Championship Game

Executive Producer David Blackburn
Co-Program Directors Jim Flanagan & Blair Setford

Moline, IL - August 14-21, 2009
Streaming Video and Audio:

Rock Island, IL - August 18-22, 2009
Streaming Audio:


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