Thanks for the Support while we were in Saskatoon

August 1, 2009

Saskatoon, SK

In case I did not get back to you earlier - to all those fans who sent us emails and facebook messages regarding the updates we did from Saskatoon for the ISF's - THANK YOU!

Your support was very much appreciated!

The organizers and volunteers did a fantastic job in Saskatoon.
We received 100% support from the host group and could  not have done it without them.
We were one small part of their plan to reach out to the global Fastball community and to make sure everyone had up to date information day by day, all week long.

We received lots of feedback on the video camera in Saskatoon, some of it positive, some not.
We did not have access to the video stream, we were kind of busy and did not have an account.
With no access to it, we could not see it. Any comments we received we passed along to the host committee and on seveal occasions a volunteer ran up to the video booth to tell them if there was a problem with the audio feed of if a mike was left open.
From our point of view it was a brave experiment by Saskatoon. I am sure that they will be reviewing all the suggestions received from the fans who subscribed to the service.

Some of the notes we received from fans are now posted at:

This link also has links to our Wrap Up Report and all the Game Reports we did from Saskatoon.

Please note, this note is only going to our GLOBAL FASTBALL list. You may or not be on one of our other lists.  We only use this list from time to time to reach the Global Fastball community.

Our main Al's Fastball List goes out almost daily to many fans who have subscribed to receive regular updates.  If your not already on our main list, send me a subscribe note to

Thanks Again for making our week in Saskatoon a memorable one!!

Hope to see you in Quad Cities Aug 14-21, 2009!



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