Urgent: Tournament to be Filled

August 11, 2009

Windham Centre (Simcoe), ON

August 11, 2009
Fellow Umpires,
I am asking you all to ask your umpires in your zones to helpRob Phillips fill this OASA Midget "B" and "C" Tournamentin Windham Centre (Simcoe) on August 15/16. The e-mail below states what Robneeds. Please work hard to get some umpires to go to this Tournament. It isimportant that we all work together in "Solidarity" to make thishappen. We will work out any mileage that will be involved and evenaccommodations if needed. Rob has his phone number listed below, let him knowor if you are sending him an e-mail please copy me on it. Thanks!
Peter Kluszczynski
Fast Pitch Provincial Umpire in Chief
Softball Ontario
To the Members of the FastPitch Umpire Committee...
It is necessary to request yourassistance with regards to the staffing of the OASA Midget "B" and"C" tournament in Windham Centre (Simcoe) on August 15/16
Despite email contact with 7 ZUIC's and with the many contacts Ihave within the umpire community, we currently have 7 confirmed officials forthis tournament and a lead on an 8th. I am also working with the UIC of theSquirts in Brantford (a PW tournament I believe) to free up at least 1official from there that I could use.
With umpires travellingin from Ayr, Kitchener, Hamilton, Orillia and Amherstburg, you can see howwide reaching my requests have been and yet we are unable to staff thistournament.
At an absolute minimum, we require 11 officialsfor this tournament - 3 for each of 3 diamonds on a plate/base/off rotationand 2 to cover the 3 games on the 4th diamond. Ideally we actually need 14officials to be able to work game on/game off on the 3 main diamonds.
I am appealing to the FP Umpire Committee for assistance inlocating at least 3 remaining officials to cover this tournament.
The alternative becomes that we advise the OASA & host thatwe can service the originally "B" tournament that was scheduled inSimcoe but that the "C" tournament that was tagged on to it at somepoint - I was not made aware of this change, Jay Hart Z3 UIC was not madeaware of this change - it was only when I checked the OASA website on July 26that we became aware that it was 2 tournaments and not 1 as originallyassigned.
Thanks in advance.
Robert CPhillips, Chartered Accountant
OfficePhone/Fax (905) 768-0422
Cellular (905)541-6330

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