Award Winners in Sudbury

October 4, 2009

Sudbury, ON

                                                           AWARD WINNERS FOR 2009
                    Following 40 regular season games , 11 playoff matches , a perfect game pitched and the emotional loss of our good friend Brad Rienguette , the final results are in for the`awards both in the regular season and the playoff round and here they are :
                   REGULAR SEASON
                          Most hits  :    Jim Pawis  [Parry Island Hawks]  23
                          Most singles : Mike Martin [Sudbury Athletics] 20-
                          Most doubles : Mat Tobobundung [Parry Island Hawks] 7
                          Most Triples : Curtis Hambly [Pickerel River Cardinals] 4
                          Most home runs : Todd Parsons [Garson Hounds] 6
                          Most runs batted in : Jason Green [Parry Island Hawks] 19
                          Most runs scored : Matt Tobobundung [Parry Island Hawks] 19 *
                          Best on base % : Curtis Hambly [Pickerel River Cardinals] 0.614 *
                          Best slugging  % : Matt Tobobundung [Parry Island Hawks] 1.154
                          Most wins by a pitcher : Jonathan Contin [Pickerel River Cardinals] 7 *
                          Most strike outs by a pitcher : Jonathan Contin [Parry Island Hawks] 114 *
                          Best ERA by a pitcher : Al Guenette [Parry Island Hawks] 1,40
                          Top pitcher : Jordy "Swede" Dahlvick of the Dog House Sportsbar North Stars at 5-0 and an ERA of 1,75
                          Top hitter : Jim Pawis of the Parry Island Hawks hitting 575 or 23 for 40 ..
                       Voting awards  :
                           Rookie of the season  : Eric Legendre of the Sudbury Athletics
                           Most sportsmanlike player : Walter SR Tobobundung of the Parry Island Hawks
                           Outstanding eldersman : Ed Panamick Sr of the Pickerel River Cardinals
                           Most valuable player : Todd Parsons of the Garson Hounds
                    PLAYOFF ROUND
                            Most hits : Joel Belanger  [ Dog House Sportsbar North Stars] 14
                            Most singles : Joel Belanger [Dog House Sportsbar North Stars] 12
                            Most doubles : Moe Coutu [Dog House Sportsbar North Stars] & Earl Contin[Pickerel River Cradinals] 3
                            Most triples : Troy Chatwell[Dog House Sportbar North Stars] 4
                            Most home runs: Todd Parsons [Garson Hounds] 4
                            Best on base % : Moe Coutu [Dog House Sportsbar  North Stars] 0.667
                            Best slugging % : Todd Parsons [Garson Hounds]  1.000
                            Most strike outs : Jordy "Swede" Dahlvick [Dog House Sportsbar North Stars ] 64 ( 9.94k's/7 inn.)
                            Best ERA : Jordy Dahlick [Dog House Sportsbar North Stars ] 1.08 
                         Voting awards
                             Most sportsmanlike player : Pat Brennan Jr of the Pickerel River Cardinals
                             Most valuable player : Jordy "Swede" Dahlvick of the Dog House Sportsbar North Stars
                             2009    First place finishers and winners of the Commissionner's Cup   : Parry Island Hawks (first year in the league)
                             2009    League champions   Dog House Sportsbar North Stars
                                           This is their second straight year and the third in the last four years ( in 2005 Garson Hounds were winners and in 2007 Pickerel River Cardinals were winners)
                              Members of the media afe reminded that I need their RSVP by no later than Saturday October the 10th if they are going to be attending our year end banquet/awards cellebration at the Royal Hotel in Garson next to the Arena starting at 6:30 PM with cocktails .
                                                                                                Yours in fastball ,
                                                                                                 Roger Legendre
                                                                                                 Public Relations Liaison/Advisor for the
                                                                                                 Rick McDonald Memorial Fastball League