Contact Needed - USA Team - FOUND

October 13, 2009

Sydney, Australia

Sydney 2009 World Masters Games Organising Committee
Locked Bag 2009, SILVERWATER NSW 2128, Australia
Phone +61 2 8116 2009
Fax +61 2 8116 2029
Email info@2009worldmasters.com
Website www.2009worldmasters.com

Larry Fisher was contacted today about a family emergency affecting a player
playing in the World Masters Games in Sydney, Australia.

We don't know the team name but it's likely from Ohio, USA and the manager
is probably Nick McCurry.

Does anyone have contact info for anyone participating in these games? I
saw on Al's Fastball today that Sammy Forbes and Wayne Wells are likely
there playing for a Canadian team. If anyone has Sammy Forbes, Wayne Wells
or Nick McCurry's cell phone numbers, could that information please be
passed onto Larry Fisher? Lfisher838@ameritech.net Larry can also be
contacted at 419-722-7448 in USA.

Anyone who can assist in helping us make contact with the player affected
would be greatly appreciated.



Thanks to the efforts to so many people in our fastball family, the player in question has been found.

Larry Fisher received dozens of emails and phone calls and the player from a USA-based team was found and is now on his way home due to a tragic family event.

Thank you everyone in the fasball community who did their best to help us find Nick McCurry so we could have him contact his player and get him on a plane home.


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