ISC Moves Website

April 20, 2006

to a new provider, Net Reliant


ISC Moves Website


Now you see it, now you see it. Regular visitors to the ISC web

site may have noticed some subtle changes to the web site in

the last day or two.


The familiar, mostly blue screen of http://www.iscfastpitch.com/

is now mostly white. And behind this change are many more changes to the

most popular web site in the fastball world.


The reasons for this relate to a decision to move from our old

host site BlueGenesis to a new provider, Net Reliant



The reasons for this were many and complicated but involved the

retirement of our previous webmaster Brent Wade, a professional

who has given the ISC many years of fine service. Brent assisted

our ISC Web Director, Al Doran, with the technical side of the

web site and produced a complete makeover of the site on a couple

of occasions and automated many facets of the site including

the Tournament List and Contact List but most notably the results

page of the World Tournament. Al has been able to update the

web site within minutes of the end of each game at the WT.


With Brent's retirement, the ISC chose Net Reliant to host the

ISC web site and to do a complete makeover, providing a whole

new set of tools to Al Doran to make changes to the site. Al

highly recommended Net Reliant and its founder, Rahemin Nanji

for the job as he has seen a great deal of his previous work

and was most impressed.  Net Reliant also recently did a total

conversion of Al's Fastball Site as well http://www.alsfastball.com/

and he was most pleased with the results and the level of customer service.


For the past few weeks, Al and Net Reliant have been working behind

the scenes converting the almost 1,000 pages of the ISC site

over to a new automated format. This week, they physically moved

the site from Blue Genesis to Net Reliant, and by now everyone

should be able to see the results.


"The main objective of the move" says Al Doran, our Web Site

Director, "is to have our web site on a stable platform with

the same people who assist us with the technical managment of

the site. With the move, we will be using a new tool called

ReliantCMS, a Content Management Solution provided by Net Reliant,

to enable us to make website content changes more quickly and efficiently,

with the bottom line being fastball fans world wide can see the

news faster."


ISC Executive Director Ken Hackmeister congratulated Al and Rahemin

on the work done and the smooth transition of the web site. The

change comes at a key time for the ISC where soon there will

be announcments of Team Rankings, Out of Area Player Lists, and

before we know it, the schedule for the World Tournament and the ISC - II

Tournament of Champions.  In today’s world of instant electronic information, the ISC cannot afford to sit back and not take advantage of the latest technology.


Net Reliant is pleased at the opportunity to be working with the ISC and

looks forward to providing the organization with ongoing services, solutions, and





April 20, 2006

Gordon Wise - - - ISC Information Officer