Happy Thanksgiving from Ken Vierling

November 23, 2009

Fridley, MN

Hello everyone
thought I would drop you all a note about my status. Tomorrow I'm having surgery on a pressure sore that needs to be taken care of. I will be at Fairview Riverside Hospital for the surgery and then moving to Regency Hospital for recovery. I don't know how long I will be there, but I will keep you informed. For those of you who may not know, I was in a car accident last April that has left me as a quadriplegic. I am working hard to recover completely. I do not know if I will ever umpire or bowl again. My goal is to do both.
Ken Vierling
comicdude1 (at)

Good Early morning all,

Dave and I will be there with Ken and we will let you know how everything turns out.  Ken has put up with many many bumps in the road and I know that God is going to get him through this as well as Ken's determination.  Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.  He is doing really good.  We have many talks about the future and I tell him all the time he is here for a reason but what he will do is still in question.

Have a great day and take care,
Lori and Dave
sorenslj20 (at)

Hello all,

Ken came out of surgery just fine.  Dr Buckley who is really cool and gets along with Ken found a couple more issues.  There is another sore almost to the bone which was not there a month ago and the big one is down to the bone.  The bone is soft so she sent a sample out to pathology.  She suspects there is an infection in the bone.  She cleaned out the wounds very well.  She is also going to take care of the head wound.   Ken will be at Fairview Riverside until at least next Monday.  Dr Buckley does NOT want him going back to the Courage Center so he will most likely be going to Regency Hospital next to the courage center for a while.  Doc said that in a few weeks Ken will have more surgery to get him all fixed up and ready for rehab.  Right now he is limited as to what they are able to do as far as rehab due to the sores he has.  Ken will have to make some serious decisions as to what happens from here on out.  I think we will have to give him a good dose of tough love again.  Dave got pretty good at that in Colorado. 

So we ask that you all say a prayer to give Ken strength as the next coming weeks will be hard.  If and when Ken gets a voice activated phone I will let you know.  He sure could use some good talk. If you would like to visit Ken I am sure he would like visitors as well.  He is at Fairview Riverside Hospital on the University of Minnesota, 2450 Riverside Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55454, in room 1015.

Take Care,
Dave & Lori
sorenslj20 (at)


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