Denny Bruckert Resigns

December 19, 2009

Gillespie, IL

I am announcing my resignation as Head Coach (Field Manager) of the Kitchener Rivershark Twins.  The last four years have been some of the greatest of my fastpitch career.  From the players, coaches, fans and umpires, I have made some very close friends during my four years in Ontario.  For the last several months, I have been tossing this around in my head.  It has been a very uncomfortable time for me.  My wife Susan and I are winding down a five day stay in Cancun and this has given me time to make this difficult decision.  Announcing this decision publicly on Al's website is the best way for me to handle this so I know this is a final decision on my part.   I've had a number of talks with my best friend Bob Nydick and possibly he will not be all that surprised by this announcement.  Probably what has held off my decision is not wanting to let him down in any way.  I truly think the world of Bob and his entire family.  Sometimes it seems that it is just the right time to walk away and it might be the right time for local Canadian field leadership of the team.  I will miss all of the players dearly.  The team will be in very good hands with field leadership and I no doubt believe the 2010 team will be the strongest Rivershark Twins team yet. 
Thank you to Jim Hallman and his wife Susan for giving me the opportunity to coach their team.  I hope that I have helped in a very small way to fulfill some dreams of the great Hallman sponsorship over the years.  Jim has been very supportive over the last two years and I sincerely thank him..  Thanks to all of the players, coaches and fans of the Rivershark Twins -- one of the greatest groups I have ever been associated with.  Because of the great leadership of our three captains -- Jody Eidt, Ryan Wolfe, and Pat Shannon -- it has been an amazing two years and something that I am very proud of.  Thank you to Dan Loney and Steve Mullaley, two players who have been with me all four years.  It was especially gratifying to see Lolly, Blair and Opie, younger players, who were good, develop into All World Players.  It was also very satisfying to see many players have their dreams come true by winning world championships in 2008 and 2009.
Last, thank you to Bob and Susan Nydick for their undying support and friendship.  I'll never forget our great times together.  Greg - you know what I think of you - thanks for always being there for me and being such a great, young friend.  As for me, I still have that burning desire to help develop another team.  We'll see what a year away from the game does to my thinking in that regard.  Any way, good luck to everyone in 2010.  Probably see you all come ISC time.  All the best in 2010 to Bob, Jim and all of the Rivershark Twins.
Denny Bruckert

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