Aspen 2010

January 20, 2010

Saskatoon, SK

Good Day Al, and Fastball World

Well after a few months of staying away from the game, we have decided to come back for another year, possibly 2 with it being in Kitchener next year. With that being said i will fill you all in on our roster. Our pitching staff which we think is the best out there will be The hard throwing Trevor Ethier, joining him will be the BIG LEFTY Andrew Kirkpatrick, and the Change up master Rick Smith, Catching duties will be back in Sean O'brien hands, along with Bryan Banner. The Infield will be Derek Mayson @ 1st, 2nd Zenon Winters, SS Kevin Schellenberg, 3rd Keith Mackintosh. The outfield will be patrolled by Dale RED Levy, Mike Lawton, and the last outfielder will be confirming tonight but i will throw him on here Robbie O'Brien. We are in the process of adding a couple more guys. Our schedule has not been finalized yet, will be in the near future.

Jason Kurylyk
Aspen Interiors