ISC Reminder of May 1 Due Dates

April 2, 2010

Farmington, UT

ISC Reminder of May 1 Due Dates
This is a reminder for all ISC teams of various items requiring attention no later than May 1.
Pre-season Roster – The pre-season roster is due no later than May 1.  The 2010 roster form is found on the ISC web site www.iscfastpitch.com  Click on Rules and Forms link in the left column.  Save the roster to your computer.  Complete the roster, save it again and then email attach it to the email addresses near the bottom of the form itself.  Please, do not use the roster form used in 2009 as it has different email addresses this year.
Rosters can be changed during the season but the other due dates for roster submissions are:
            July 15 – For the printed World Tournament program in Midland
            August 9 – Final roster submission for World Tournament competition
Subsequent roster submissions are to be sent to the same email addresses as shown on the roster form itself.
PRAWN Declaration – The required PRAWN declaration is also due May 1 and is handled on the roster form.  Just X the PRAWN player’s names on the PRAWN column of the roster form.
Out of Region Player Commitment – Like last year, each OOR player declares by sending an email to iscken@comcast.net no later than May 1.  The message can simply be, “I plan to play the 2010 ISC season with (team name).  My home region is (name of region or provide home address.)   The team manager should be copied on this email.  Upon receipt, I will acknowledge it by return email to the player and copy the manager.  This system worked well in 2009 and eliminates the need for a special form, mailing and/or faxing.
In Region Player Commitment – For those teams who want a signed commitment from in-Region players, use the In Region Player Commitment Form also located on our web site, Rules and Forms link.  If there is ever a dispute about a player’s commitment to a specific team, the ISC will honor this completed and signed form if it’s provided to us by either the team manager or the player.
Out of Region Team Recap Form & Payment – No later than May 1, the Team Recap form (also on our web site) must be completed and mailed to the ISC office with an appropriate check or credit card payment enclosed.  The ISC can accept Visa and MasterCard payments if all needed information is provided.
Other Reminders for the 2010 ISC Season –
•           All OOR players must participate in an ISC Qualifier
•           The only exceptions to above are ISC Executive Committee approved hardships
•           All teams must play in both June and July tournaments.  These tournaments do not have to be ISC Qualifiers. 
•           The ISC Rep for each ISC Qualifier will have a copy of each participating team’s current roster as provided by the ISC Statisticians.
If there are any questions about above items, please email me at iscken@comcast.net
Ken Hackmeister

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