ISC Extends May 1 Deadline

April 16, 2010

Farmington, UT

With the recent announcements that both Broken Bow and Aspen Interiors were ceasing operations for the 2010 season, it left many players in limbo as they had previously made commitments to one of the two teams.
All items that were due May 1 are now due by May 15.  This includes Team Rosters, Out of Region Email Commitments, PRAWN Declarations and Team Recap mailing of OOR players.  This unanimous decision was made by the ISC Executive Committee.
At the time Broken Bow made their announcement, eleven players had sent email commitments to play for them.  While we didn't have any email commitments from Aspen yet, it is estimated they had 5-7 OOR players committed.
There are some special conditions attached to this extension:
·         The extension is temporary and only applies for the 2010 season.
·         Any prior email commitments submitted by players may be voided or changed by player request by May 15
·         There are 3-ISC Qualifiers prior to the new deadline.  Any team winning a berth in one of those three and used an OOR player or players, has two choices:  1.  The OOR players used are bound to that team for the season, or 2.  The team gives back the berth to be awarded to the next highest finishing team in the Qualifier.  Teams cannot use players rostered with another ISC team to win a berth.
The ISC Executive Committee is currently discussing a related matter about the requirement that teams must play in tournaments in both June and July and how that requirement affects teams who have already secured a berth in the 2010 ISC World Tournament and how OOR players on those teams fulfill the requirement of playing in a Qualifier.  A decision is expected within a few days and we will issue a release on it next week.  At the present time, 20-teams have already secured berths in the 2010 ISC World Tournament.  These include teams who won 2010 berths from Qualifiers held in 2009, Defending Champs, Host Teams and International Teams.
Please contact me if there are questions.
Ken Hackmeister

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