Coldwater Early Bird Tournament Results

May 3, 2010

Coldwater, MI

Coldwater Early Bird Tournament Results
Coldwater, MI
The annual Early Bird Tournament was held this weekend at Waterworks Park in Coldwater, MI.  The Coldwater Softball Association runs this tournament each year as a fundraiser for it's men's fast pitch league.  There were 7 teams entered in this class A-C tournament.  A 3-game guarantee format was used this year with each team playing 2 pool play games used to seed them for a single elimination bracket.  The final three games of the tournament were shortened to 5 innings due to heavy rains Saturday night and a late start on Sunday morning.  We would like to thank all of the teams that participated and helped to support the Coldwater Softball Association.

Here are the results from this weekend:

2010 Coldwater Early Bird Tournament

Final Standings:

1. Lightning (Marshall, MI) 5-0
2. Duncan Outlaws (Elkhart, IN) 3-1
3. Crouch Electric (Coldwater, MI) 2-2
3. Homer Fastpitch (Homer, MI) 2-2
5. Neitzert’s/Kelly’s (Battle Creek, MI) 1-2
6. Blues (Hastings, MI) 0-3
6. Wright Way Tree Co. (Eaton Rapids, MI) 0-3

*** The Duncan Outlaws won pool A with a 2-0 record and received a bye in the single elimination bracket.  The Lightning won pool B with a 2-0 record.

Game Summaries:

Game 1
Lightning              2
Neitzert’s             1
WP- Lee Noel             4IP  4H  4K                       S- Trevor Kelly      2IP  1H  3K
LP- Sean Kelly            6IP  3H  6K
Leading Hitters: Singles- Chad Knox, Trevor Kelly, Matt Shook (Lightning); Brent Kowitz (2), Tyler Kelly (2), Bill Cary (Neitzert’s)

Game 2
Crouch Electric     13
Homer Fastpitch    8
WP- Josh Cline            7IP  9H  10K
LP- Shannon Damron    6IP  15H  7K
Leading Hitters: Derek Lytle 5/5, 4 HR, 10 RBI

Game 3
Duncan Outlaws    13
Wright Way Tree    4
WP- Josh Gray              3IP  4R  5H  4K                  Lane Bender        2IP  0R  0H  2K
LP- Scott                       3IP  10R  6H  1K                Matt Wright         2IP  3R  3H  1K                    
Leading Hitters:  HR- Josh Gray, Jimmy Cobb (Outlaws); HR- Scott (Wright Way)

Game 4
Neitzert’s                5
Blues                      4
WP- Sean Kelly             7IP  6H  10K
LP- Ryan Nichols           4IP  4R  5H  5K                  Lance Graf          2IP  1R  2H  2K
Leading Hitters: 2B- Tyler Kelly, Tyler Dudley 2 RBI (Neitzert’s); HR- Lee Nichols (Blues)

Game 5
Homer Fastpitch      12
Wright Way              0
WP- Jeff Sherman           3IP  2H  1K                         Bryan Boyd         1IP  0H  3K
LP- Derek Benden           4IP  12R
Leading Hitters: HR- Jeff Sherman, CJ Finch, Josh McCollough (Homer)

Game 6
Lightning                  6
Blues                       4
WP- Lee Noel                  8IP  8H  6K
LP- Lance Graf                8IP  13H  3K
Leading Hitters: Adam Saylor- HR, Ryan Saylor- 3/4 (Lightning); Jeff Kucharcek-2B (Blues)

Game 7
Duncan Outlaws       11
Crouch Electric         10
WP- Tim Murphy in relief of Josh Gray
LP- Josh Cline in relief of Randy McCarty
Leading Hitters: HR- Josh Gray, Craig Foor (Outlaws); HR- Jeff Wilkins (Crouch)

Game 8
Homer Fastpitch         1
Neitzert’s                   0
WP- Bryan Boyd                7IP  1H  11K
LP- Sean Kelly                   6IP  2H  12K
Leading Hitters: Singles- CJ Finch, Jeff Sherman (Homer); Single- Tyler Kelly (Neitzert’s)

Game 9
Lightning                   11
Wright Way                7
WP- Trevor Kelly               7IP  8H  3K
LP- Matt Wright                 7IP  14H  6K
Leading Hitters:  Adam Saylor- 3/4 2RBI, Brian Skirka- 3/3 (Lightning); Matt Wright 2/3, Devin Milheim 3/4 (Wright Way)

Game 10
Crouch Electric            18
Blues                          12
WP- Randy McCarty in relief of Josh Cline
LP- Jeff Kucharcek in releif of Ryan Nichols
Leading Hitters:  HR- Brandon Elser (2), Derek Griffith (2) (Crouch); HR- Jeff Kucharcek (2), Shawn Davis (Blues)

Game 11
Duncan Outlaws           2
Homer Fastpitch           1
WP- Josh Gray                    5IP  6H  7K
LP- Bryan Boyd                   5IP  5H  5K
Leading Hitters: Craig Scott- 2/2 Double (Outlaws); Bruce Miller- 2/2 (Homer)

Game 12
Lightning                     6
Crouch Electric            5
WP- Trevor Kelly                5IP  4H  4K
LP- Josh Cline                   4IP  6H  1K
Leading Hitters:  HR- Adam Saylor, Brian Skirka (Lightning); HR- Jeff Wilkins, Toby Elliott (Crouch)

Game 13  (Championship Game)
Lightning                     6
Outlaws                      4
WP- Trevor Kelly               5IP  8H  0K
LP- Lane Bender               2IP  6R  6H  1K             Allen Hodge         2IP  1H  1K
Leading Hitters:  Adam Saylor- 2/3, Trevor Kelly-HR, Chris Rivard-HR (Lightning); Adam Binkley- HR, Craig Foor 2/2 Double (Outlaws)   

Most Valuable Pitcher
Trevor Kelly (Lightning)              3-0 Record, 1 Save

Most Valuable Hitter
Adam Saylor (Lightning)           .444 Avg, 2HR, 2 Doubles, 6 RBI


Sean Kelly
Coldwater Softball Association

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