9th annual Elkland Early Bird results

May 4, 2010

Elkland, PA

The Elkland softball associations 9th annual early bird round robin had some great competition all day long as the NY Bombers captured the title in 80 degree weather. The Bombers finished the tourney with a 3 and 1 record while only giving up 6 runs all day to be crowned champions at the 2010 opener in Elkland,Pa.
 1st NY Bombers 3-1
 2nd NY Express  3-1
 3rd  ESA Bellys   3-1
 4th  Papa Johns   1-3
 5th  J.A Transportation 0-4
Game 1                                                  Game 2
ESA Bellys 8                                          NY Bombers 8
JA Transportation 1                                NY Express 1
WP Bill Sherman                                    WP Shawn Sampson 
LP Dean Vanzile                                     LP Chip Gifford
Game 3                                                  Game 4
ESA Bellys 5                                          NY Bombers 11
Papa Johns 2                                          JA Transportation 0
WP Ryan Cummings                              WP Justin Heymen
LP Ricky Skidowski                               LP Ira Davenport
Game 5                                                 Game 6
NY Express 5                                       Papa Johns 7
ESA Bellys 4                                        JA Transportation 4
WP Geoge Topper                                WP Sam Shuss
LP Bill Sherman                                    LP Dean Vanzile jr
Game 7                                                Game 8
ESA Bellys 5                                        NY Express 13
NY Bombers 2                                     Papa Johns 4
WP Ryan Cummings                             WP Jim Bevacqua
LP Shawn Sampson                              LP Rick Skidowski
Game 9                                                Game 10
NY Bombers 7                                     NY Express 6
Papa Johns 0                                         JA Transportation 4
WP Justin Heymen                                WP Chuck Smith
LP Sam Shuss                                       LP Dean Vanzile

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