Silverhawks Invitational Results

May 25, 2010

Bakersfield, CA

Here is the recap from this weekends Silverhawks Invitational in Bakersfield.
Game 1
Rude Pac         3
Silverhawks      3
Game ended in a 3-3 tie after 7 innings due to time limit.
Rude Pac:
Avery: 5.1IP, 3R, 5H, 1BB, 7K
Pyle: 1.2IP, 0R, 1K
Gervasutti: 4IP, 1R, 0ER, 2H, 2BB, 6K
Putnam: 3IP, 2R, 1H, 3BB, 4K
Game 2:
California A's  10
Savala Painters  2
WP: Bennett: 5IP, 2R, 7H, 1BB, 6K
LP: Grigsby: 4IP, 7R, 6ER, 9H, 3K
      Frye: 1IP, 3R, 3H, 1K
Game 3:
IAC             4
Silverhawks     0
WP: Barkman: 6IP, 0R, 2H, 5BB, 6K
LP: Putnam: 3.2IP, 4R, 8H, 4BB, 4K
      Gervasutti: 2.1IP, 0R, 1H, 1BB, 4K
Game 4:
Rude Pac        3
California A's  3
Game ended in a 3-3 tie after 7 innings due to time limit
Rude Pac:
Pyle: 6IP, 3R, 7H, 1 BB, 5K
Avery: 1IP, 0R, 2H
Price: 7IP, 3R, 2ER, 7H, 1BB, 5K
Game 5:
IAC:            10
Savala Painters:         3
WP: Barnes: 6IP, 3R, 5H, 4BB, 6K
LP: Biko: 3.1IP, 5R, 3H, 5BB, 4K
      Frye: 2.2IP, 5R, 7H, 2BB, 0K
Game 6
Savala Painters  4
Silverhawks     4
Game ended in 4-4 tie after 8 innings due to time limit
Grigsby: 4IP, 2R, 6H, 3BB, 3K
Biko: 4IP, 2R, 3H, 1BB, 4K
Gervasutti: 4IP, 0R, 1H, 6K
Putnam: 4IP, 4R, 2ER, 3H, 2BB, 5K
Game 7:
Rude Pac:        3
IAC:            4
WP: Barkman: 6IP, 3R, 5H, 1BB, 7K
LP: Avery: (in relief)
      Pyle: 3IP, 3R, 4H, 1BB, 5K
      Avery: 2IP, 1R, 2H, 4K
Game 8:
Silverhawks:    0
California A's: 3
WP: Price: 6IP, 0R, 4H, 1BB, 9K
LP: Putnam: 4IP, 1R, 6H, 6K
      Gervasutti: 2IP, 2R, 3H, 5K
Game 9:
Savala Painters:        0 (Painters Eliminated)
Silverhawks:    3
WP: Gervasutti: 7IP, 0R, 1H, 1BB, 13K
LP: Frye: 5IP, 3R, 8H, 1BB, 4K
      Grigsby: 1IP, 0R, 1H, 1K
Game 10:
California A's:  6 (A's Eliminated)
Rude Pac:       7
WP: Avery (In relief)
       Pyle: 6IP, 2R, 6H, 1BB, 3K
       Avery: 3IP, 4R, 6H, 1BB, 5K
LP: Bennett (In relief)
      Price: 8IP, 6R, 4ER, 10H, 2BB, 4K
      Bennett: .1IP, 1R, 1H
Game 11:
Silverhawks:     2 (Silverhawks Eliminated)
IAC:            10
WP: Barnes: 5IP, 2R, 8H, 1BB, 4K
LP: Putnam: 1IP, 8R, 6ER, 8H, 2BB, 2K
      Gervasutti: 3IP, 2R, 6H, 2BB, 2K
Game 12:
Rude Pac:       7 (Rude Pac Eliminated)
IAC:            9
WP: Barkman: 7IP, 7R, 7H, 3BB, 4K
LP: Avery: 4IP, 5R, 7H, 2BB, 3K
      Pyle: 2IP, 4R, 5H, 3BB, 2K
Champions: IAC
Thank you,
Christopher G. McGehee

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