Boulevard Tournament - Schedule and Notes

June 9, 2010

Midland, MI

Below is the schedule for this weekend's tournament in Midland.  There are a couple slight changes (only in the order of playoff matchups on Sunday morning).  Looking forward to getting the season in Midland started out as we move towards this August and the 2010 ISC World Tournament.
Special Olympics Exhibition
As we've done the past, we'll be having an exhibition game against a local Special Olympics team at 3:00 on Saturday at the Stadium.  There are no other games schedule between 3:00-4:00 so if anyone is interested, we'd be happy to have you out to play a few innings with us.
The tournament rules are attached..  Please review.  If you have any questions, let me know.  For the weekend, the tournament director will be Marc Gillis ( 248-225-2897 ) who will be handing out game balls, line-up cards, etc.  If there are any issues with gameplay/fields/schedule/weather, Marc will be handling those things.  Prior to your 1st game, Marc will be making the rounds to introduce himself to the managers if you have any questions.
See you at the park!
Kyle Beane

8th Annual Boulevard Lounge Tournament
June 11-13, 2010
Emerson Park - Midland, Michigan
ISC Qualifying Tournament
Division A
Explorers, CHI/NY, Lightning, Owen Sound Jrs
Division B
Gremlins, Mickeys, Port Huron, Barts
Emerson 2
Mickeys v Barts
Explorers v Lightning
Emerson 2
Gremlins v Port Huron
CHI/NY v Owen Sound Jrs
Gremlins v Barts
CHI/NY v Lightning
Lightning v Owen Sound Jrs
Port Huron v Mickeys
Special Olympics Game
Explorers v Owen Sound Jrs
Port Huron v Barts
Explorers v CHI/NY
Gremlins v Mickeys
Emerson 2
2nd A v 3rd B
2nd B v 3rd A
1st A v 4th B
1st B v 4th A
Semi: W13 v W16
Semi: W14 v W15
Final: W17 v W18


Boulevard Lounge Tournament
June 11 - 13, 2010 - Tournament Rules
1. Each manager is responsible for informing his players of the tournament rules.
2. The tournament will be conducted using ISC rules found in the ISC Guide.
2a. Teams have the option of using the 2-out catcher rule (may use a pinch-runner for the catcher in order for them to allow for putting gear on). The runner is player in the lineup who bats immediately before the catcher, but is not on base.
3. All tournament games will be played with a 7-run 5th inning mercy rule. International tie-breaker rule will be implemented in the top of the 8th.
4. Official tournament ball – ISC Worth Ball – Kmaster Cork.
5. Protests will be allowed only on rule interpretation. Protests will be ruled upon before play continues.
6. Submitting line-ups and getting game balls will be handled at the scorer's table in the 5th inning of the game before yours, or 30 minutes before the first game on the diamond. If a team is involved in a doubleheader situation, they will be asked to send a representative to the diamond with a line-up (if possible).
7. Unsportsmanlike conduct: Player ejected for the balance of the game, the Tournament
    Director (Marc Gillis) will have the authority to eject the player for additional games or the balance
    of the tournament if necessary
8. Seeding for Playoffs – ISC Division: Following round-robin play, all 8 teams will advance, seeded 1 through 4 in each division. Matchups will be 1A v 4B. 2A v 3B. 3A v 2B.  4A v 1B
A. Round robin record.
B. Two team tie: common game winner
C. Three team tie:
1. If one of the tied teams defeated the other tied teams in round robin, that
    team advances, with two teams remaining tied, use 8B.
2. Fewest runs allowed in all round robin games.
3. Most runs scored in all round robin games.
4. Coin Flip
10. Tournament Committee reserves the right to alter these rules and tournament format if conditions warrant. The Tournament Committee is Marc-Tournament Director, Joe Squires-Umpire in Chief, and Lee Isenhart – Explorers/ISC representative.
11. If the tournament has to be shortened due to inclement weather, games may be shortened to five innings in length. (Or alternately, games may be started in the Top of the 3rd, to allow for the mercy rule to be in effect after 3 innings of play, thereby enabling additional time to be made up.)
12. Games will start at the time listed on the schedule, not prior to. (Exception: Last game of the day on a field – both teams must agree to earlier starting time.) 
13. Roster Restrictions: Any team, with any roster, may enter a qualifier but to be eligible for an ISC berth, the team must use only players on their ISC roster (no pick-ups from other ISC teams).   A team who enters a qualifier using an illegal roster, cannot win a berth but they do become eligible for being invited. The ISC Rep is responsible for obtaining the ISC rosters of teams entered in the Qualifier. (Per Ken Hackmeister, Executive Director, ISC)

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