Bob Law Memorial Vancouver Challenge 2010

July 26, 2010

Vancouver, BC

Bob Law Memorial Vancouver Challenge 2010

Friday, July 23rd
Game 1
South Hill Giants 12R 13H 0E
Burnaby Dukes 0R 0H 3E
WP Kawagughi
LP Lum

Game 2
Vancouver Meralomas 6R 10H 3E
Abbotsford Farm 3R 5H 3E
WP Strang
LP Wiens

Saturday, July 24th
Game 3
Portland CR Rockers 4R 8H 1E
Vernon DC Arrows 2R 3H 2E
WP Anderson
LP Swart

Game 4
Invermere Braves 7R 10H 1E
Victoria Neilson Digital 1R 6H 1E
WP Rich Haldane
LP Kevin Careless
HR Braves Jessen Potskin, Rich Haldane
Digital Nick Medwedrich

Game 5
Portland CR Rockers 7R 12H 3E
Abbotsford Farm 2R 2H 0E
WP Terry Luster
LP Rick Unrah

Game 6
Invermere Braves 8R 10H 0E
Burnaby Dukes 1R 5H 1E
WP Matt Underwood
LP Todd Webb

Game 7
Vancouver Meralomas 5R 14H 0E
Vernon DC Arrows 2R 6H 0E
WP Derek Mayson
LP Ryan Campbell

Game 8
Vancouver South Hill Giants 8R 10H 0E
Victoria Neilson Digital 0R 3H 0E
WP Travis Price
LP Colin McKenzie

Game 9
Portland CR Rockers 8R 9H 0E
Vancouver Meralomas 1R 3H 0E
WP Terry Luster
LP Darren Strang
HR Rockers Brian Ree, Rob Gehrke

Game 10
Invermere Braves 5R 6H 1E
Vancouver South Hill Giants 6R 6H 3E
WP Jeff Kawaguchi
LP Rich Huldane
HR Braves Jessen Potskin

Game 11
Vernon DC Arrows 3R 4H 1E
Abbotsford Farm 2R 8H 0E
WP Ryan Campbell
LP Harv Wiens

Game 12
Victoria Neilson Digital 4R 8H 1E
Burnaby Dukes 2R 4H 4E
WP Kevin Careless
LP Phil Lum

Game 13
Vancouver South Hill Giants 4R 8H 2E
Portland CR Rockers 3R 6H 0E
WP Travis Price
LP Bricklen Anderson
HR Rockers Brian Ree

Jim Johnson

Sunday, July 25
Game 14 (Playoff 2)
Invermere Braves 8R 7H 1E
Vernon DC Arrows 5R 8H 3E
WP Rich Haldane
LP Ryan Campbell
Eli Jules (Braves) Walk off HR, 3RBIs

Game 15 (Playoff 3)
Vancouver Meralomas 5R 8H 1E
Victoria Neilson Digital 2R 8H 1E
WP Derek Mayson
LP Collin McKenzie

Game 16 (Playoff 4)
Vancouver Meralomas 4R 8H 0E
Invermere Braves 2R 3H 3E
WP Derek Mayson
LP Rich Haldane

Game 17 (Playoff 5)
Vancouver Meralomas 8R 11H 0E
Portland CR Rockers 1R 4H 3E
WP Derek Mayson
LP Mike Piechnik

Game 18 (Championship Game)
Vancouver Meralomas 1R 2H 2E
Vancouver South Hill Giants 6R 9H 1E
WP Travis Price
LP Derek Mayson

A fine job by our blue crew. Many thanks to:
Tim Lederman
Rick Leche
Dan Young
Scott McLaren
Barry Redacop
Bruce Patton
Al Strang
John Wright
Brandon Bluhm
Troy Fields
Mike Duddy
Jack Floyd

A formal announcement was made by the Directors of South Hill Sports Association that the Vancouver Challenge tournament from this day forward will be referred to as the "Bob Law Memorial Vancouver Challenge."

Tournament Awards:

Top hitter: Kris Walushka, Portland CR Rockers
Top pitcher: Travis Price, Vancouver South Hill Giants
MVP: Derek Mayson, Vancouver Meralomas

Submitted by Jim Johnson


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