Wyevale Tribe Tournament Results

July 5, 2006

Wyevale, ON

Wyevale, ON
The Wyevale Tribe Fastball Club held it’s annual Canada Day Tournament this past weekend, and the Bucktown Bees came out on top nipping Napanee 6-5 in the final. Minesing pull out a 7-6 win over the Toronto Bingos in the B Final. The scores and stats as best we could decipher were as follows. We would like to thank all who participated this year. I believe it was a undeniable success and we look forward to improving on it next year.

Game 1
Tye Inc 4
Minesing 2

WP D Mague 6IP, 7K's, 5H's, 5BB's
LP L Poirier 5IP, 4K, 8H, 1BB
K Harloff 1IP, 3H

Tye Inc.
T Carroll 3-3, HR, Triple, Single, 1 RBI
B Robinson 3-3 HR, 2 RBI's

B Hamuleck 2-3, Double

Game 2
Tribe 5
Udney 3

WP G McNabb 4IP, 6K, 5H, 2BB
J Giffen 3IP 1K, 0H
LP R Swift 6IP, 11K, 8H

J McNabb 3-3, Double, RBI, 3SB
S Bywater 1-3, RBI

J Lamb 1-3, Double, 2RBI's
R Swift 1-3, RBI

Game 3
Orangeville 3
Uhthoff 0

WP J Taylor 7IP, 6K, 2H
LP T Conway 7IP, 6K, 5H, 1BB

J Taylor 2-3, Triple
J Donaldson 2-4, Double

B McAuley 2-3

Game 4
Brampton Sox 7
Toanche 0

WP Smith
LP Patenaude

Game 5 (mercy)
Napanee 11
Maryhill 3

WP T Keller 5IP, 4K, 3H, 1BB
LP B Fromm 5IP, 2K, 10H, 2BB

M Roantree 1-2, 3RBI's
D Chadwick 2-3, Triple, 2RBI's

T Kuntz 1-3, Triple, RBI
C Kindrig 1-2

Game 6
Tribe 2
Milverton 0

WP J Giffen 7IP, 11K, 3H
LP N Goetz 7IP, 8K, 4H

T Leonard 1-3, HR
J Giffen 1-2, RBI

K Nicholson 2-3
A Medhurst 1-4, Triple

Game 7
Lake Scugog 2
Tye Inc. 4

Game 8
Bucktown 2
Toanche 1

WP L Hopkins 7IP, 11K, 5H, 1BB
LP C Townsend 5IP, 0K, 7H, 2BB's
G Patenaude 1IP, 1K, 1BB

R McCue 2-2, Double, Triple

Z Desroche 2-3, RBI

Game 9
Orangeville 6
Bingos 2

WP – J Detta
LP – C McColl

Game 10
Milverton 5
Udney 2

WP N Goetz 7IP, 8K, 5H
LP J Farrell 4.1IP, 3K, 4H, 2BB
R Swift 2.2IP, 2K, 2H

N Goetz 2-3, 2RBI
Medhurst 2-4, 2R

D Dawson 2-3, RBI, Double
S Heitzner 2-2, RBI

Game 11
Port Elgin 2
Napanee 0

WP – Faucette
LP - ??

Game 12
Bucktown 5
Miss Sox 1

WP I Knott
LP Smith

Game 13
Lake Scugog 6
Minesing 2

WP A Scott 5IP, 3K, 6H
LP K Harloff 5IP, 3K, 9H, 2BB

Lake Scugog
D Parent 2-3, 3RBI's
C Beer 2-4, 2RBI's, Double

J Grant 1-3, RBI
J Schmidt 1-2, RBI

Game 14
Uhthoff 3
Bingos 2

WP B McCauley 7IP, 3K, 7H, 4BB
LP Passmore and Marshall 7IP, 8K, 6H, 1BB

J Balkwill 2-3, RBI, Double
R Balkwill 1-3, 2RBI's

McDowell 2-4, RBI, Double
Borden 2-2, 2BB

Game 15
Port Elgin 5
Maryhill 0

WP M Hamilton 7IP, 7K, 1H, 2BB
LP B Fromm 6IP, 3K, 6H

Port Elgin
A Whitney 1-2, 2RBI's
D Banks 1-3, Double

C Konvie 1-2, Triple

Game 16
Tribe 3
Mississauga 1

WP McNabb and Giffen 7IP,
LP Dorrington and Smith 6IP, 10K, 5H

J Giffen 1-2, Triple 2RBI's
M Kelly 1-2, Double, R, BB

Mississauga ( I need the other game sheets in hopes we have last names on one of them)
Frank 1-3
Morty 1-3

Game 17
Milverton 8
Lake Scugog 3

WP Nic Goetz 7IP, 10H, 3K
LP D Parent 7IP, 9H, 8K, 4BB

K Nicholson 3-4, Single, Double, Triple, 2RBI's
D Ohm 2-4, RBI

Lake Scugog
A Paradiso 3-4, Triple
A Scott 2-4, RBI

Game 18
Napanee 9
Tye Inc. 5

WP J MacDonald 6IP, 9H, 5K, 1BB
LP J Phillips 6IP, 9H, 6K, 2BB

C Lewis 3-4, 2 Triples, 2RBI's
G Crawford 2-4, 2RBI's

Tye Inc.
T Columbus 2-3, 2HR's, 4RBI's
T Weatherall 3-4, Single, Double, Triple

Game 19
Minesing 1
Udney 0

WP K Harloff 7IP, 3H, 8K, 3BB
LP R Swift 7IP, 3H, 5K, 1BB

K Harloff 1-3, GW RBI
B Hamuleck 1-2

P Tardale 1-3
R Swift 1-3

Game 20
Port Elgin 10
Uhthoff 0

WP R Faucette 4IP, 3H, 6K
LP T Conway 3IP, 8H, 2K

Port Elgin
R Dudgeon 2-2, Triple, RBI, BB
D McKinnon 2-3, 2 Triples, 2 RBI's

Jim Balkwill 1-2
T Conway 1-2

Game 21
Bucktown 6
Milverton 2

WP L Hopkin 5IP, 4H, 8K (not sure, not marked)
LP N Goetz 5IP, 9H, 7K

L Hopkin 2-3, Double, RBI, 2R
K Jacobs 2-3, Double

K Nicholson 1-2, Triple, 2 RBI's
J Roulston 1-2, R

Game 22
Tribe 4
Orangeville 3

WP J Giffen 7IP, 4H, 12K
LP J Detta 1IP, 3H
J Taylor 6IP, 7H, 4K

T Leonard 2-4, Double, 2RBI's
P Townes 2-4, RBI, 2R

J Donaldson 2-4, RBI
J Detta 1-2, BB

Game 23 "B Semi"
Bingos 2
Maryhill 0

WP C McColl 7IP, 4H, 12K, 0BB
LP B Fromm 6IP, 5H, 6K, 3BB (not marked who pitched)

D Borden 1-2, HR, BB
Bedford 1-2, BB

D Kerr 1-3, K
T Brudes 1-3

Game 24 "B Semi"
Minesing 2
Toanche 0

WP K Glover 7IP, 4H, 14K
LP G Patenaude 7IP, 6H, 3K, 2BB

R MacLean 2-3, R
K Harloff 1-3, Double RBI

A Ladoceur 2-3
M Eakley 1-2

Game 25 "A Semi"
Napanee 2
Tribe 1

WP T Keller 7IP, 5H, 8K
LP G McNabb 6IP, 2H, 3K, 4BB

B Tee 1-3, RBI, R
T Keller 0-1, SAC RBI, BB

C Bell 2-3, RBI
P Townes 1-1, R

Game 26 "A Semi"
Bucktown 7
Port Elgin 2

WP I Knott 7IP, 4H, 9K
LP R Faucette

C Taylor 2-3, Double, 3RBI's, 2R
S Taylor 2-3, Double, RBI, 2R

Port Elgin
M Reiley 1-3, HR
R Mase 1-3, Triple

Game 27 "B Final"
Minesing 7
Bingos 6

WP K Harloff 7IP, 8H, 2K, 1BB
LP C McColl 6IP, 9H, 3K

J Schmidt 1-3, HR
K Harloff 2-2, 2RBI's, BB

D Borden 2-3, RBI, BB
C McColl 1-3, 2RBI's

Game 28 "A Final"
Bucktown 6
Napanee 5

WP L Hopkin - I Knott (relief) 7IP, 7H, 9K, 3BB
LP A Madden 6IP, 8H, 4K, 3BB

M Hopkin 1-3, HR, 2R
C Taylor 2-3, RBI, R

M Roantree 2-4, RBI, R
B Tee 1-4, 2R

Michael Kelly