NAFA Wood Bat World Series (Final Results)

September 8, 2010

Roscoe, IL

For Immediate Release:
Roscoe, IL.

The fifth annual NAFA Wood Bat World Series concluded for the first time in the state of Illinois over the weekend. For those that attended, they got to see fastpitch softball played in a way it should be in a beautiful facility (Thunder Park) in Roscoe, IL.

The NAFA Wood Bat Tournament Committee wants to say a special thanks to all the players and fans that participated in some way this weekend. It really made the weekend enjoyable by all (field crew, umpires, concession volunteers, ticket takers, etc.). A special thanks has to go out to Stateline Fastpitch, who provided many of the voluteers that worked the tournament.

Congratulations also has to go out to New Image Softball Club from Monfort, WI. who took home the top honers this year. Below are the individual game results with final order of finish, all tournament team, and individual honors.

Saturday: September 4th
Game 1: Boulder Rebels (CO..) vs. Quad City Titans (Davenport, IA)

Boulder, Co..6_11_0
QC Titans.....7_9__0

WP: Ron Foster (1-0)

SP: Dave Parker
LP: Bobby Doe (0-1)

Extra Base Hits

Boulder, Co.

Goden 2B, HR; Giber 3B

QC Titans:

Clemons 2B; Thompson 2B;


Game 2: Dekalb Hustle Hogs vs. Central Iowa Express

Central Iowa.....2_5_0

WP: Victor Florez (1-0)
LP: Bob Baker (0-1)

Extra Base Hits:


Beal 2B; Armes 2B

Central Iowa: None

Game 3: QC Titans vs. New Image

New Image..3_8_1
QC Titans....0_3_0

WP: Jeremy Holeman (1-0)

LP: Ron Foster (1-1)

Extra Base Hits:

New Image:

Knutson 2B; Shmid HR; Richard HR

QC Titans:

Siokas 2B
Game 4: BAC Pride vs. Dekalb Hustle Hogs

BAC Pride: 8_10_3
Dekalb...... 3_  8_0

WP: Ray Reynolds (1-0)
LP: Victor Florez (1-1)

Extra Base Hits:

BAC Pride:

Kulpa 2B; Needham 2B; J. Rodriquez 2B; Flores 3B

Dekalb Hustle Hogs: None
Game 5: Winners Braket Final

New Image vs BAC Pride

WP: Jeremy Holeman (2-0)
LP: Ray Reynolds (1-1)

New Image..6_7_0
BAC Pride...4_6_1

Extra Base Hits:

New Image:

Knutson HR; Holman HR

BAC Pride:

C. Rodriquez HR; Needham 2B

Game 6: Boulder Rebels vs. Dekalb Hustle Hogs


SP: Dave Parker
WP: Bobby Doe (1-1)

LP: Brian Tobin (0-1)

Extra Base Hits:

Boulder Rebels:

Romain 2B, 3B; Goden 2B;

Dekalb Hustle Hogs:

Smith 2B, HR; T. Crouch 2B;
Game 7: Central Iowa Express vs Quad City Titans

Central Iowa..10_16_2
QC Titans.......9_9_2

SP: Bret Perey
WP: Jamie Snodgras (1-0)

LP: Ron Foster (1-2)

Extra Base Hits:

Central Iowa:

Downs 2 HR; Chambers 2B; Crews 2B

QC Titans:

Tillman HR; Siokas 3B;
Game 8: Dekalb Hustle Hogs vs. Central Iowa Express

Central Iowa Express: Eliminated

C. Iowa....5__6_1

WP: Victor Florez 2-1
LP: Bob Baker 0-2

Extra Base Hits:

Dekalb Hustle Hogs:

Smith 2b, 3b; Beal 2 2b; Armes 2b

Central Iowa:

Ramsey 2 3b; Downs 2b;
Game 9: QC Titans vs Boulder Rebels

Boulder, Co. Eliminated

QC Titans..14_11_1

WP: Ron Foster (2-2)

SP: Dave Parker
LP: Bobby Doe (1-2)

Extra Base Hits:

QC Titans:

Tillman 3b; Siokas HR; McGreer 2b;

Boulder Rebels

Boyer 2b; Giber 2b

Sunday: September 5th

Game 10: Dekalb Hustle Hogs vs. QC Titans

QC Titans Eliminated

QC Titans....1_3_1

WP: Victor Florez (3-1)
LP: Ron Foster (2-3)

Extra Base Hits:

Dekalb Hustle Hogs:

Smith, 2b; T. Crouch 3B; Cardella 2B

QC Titans: None
Game 11: BAC Pride vs Dekalb Hustle Hogs

BAC Pride..6_4_0

WP: Ray Reynolds (2-1)
LP: Victor Florez (2-2)

Extra Base Hits:

BAC Pride:

Nick Needham HR

Dekalb Hustle Hogs:

Matt Smith HR; Tom Crouch 2b
Game 12: Championship Game

BAC Pride vs. New Image

BAC Pride....1_5_0
New Image..2_7_0

Shmid hits Walk off HR in the Bottom of 8th to win game.

WP: Jeremy Holman
LP: Victor Aumann

Extra Base Hits

New Image:

Shmid HR; Agnew HR; Jahn 2B;

BAC Pride:

Needham 2B; Flores HR

Individual Awards:

Most Valuable Player: Jeremy Holman
Most Valuable Pitcher: Jeremy Holman
Batting Champion: Austin Ramsey: Central Iowa Express (.700) 7/10

All Tournament Team:


Thomas Schmid (New Image)
Jeff Jahn (New Image)
Austin Ramsey (Central Iowa Express)
Nick Needham (BAC Pride)


Carlos Rodriquez (BAC Pride)
Matt Smith (Dekalb Hustle Hogs)
Sidney Thompson (QC Titans)
Kyle Pittman (QC Titans)


Chad Kulpa (BAC Pride)
Scott Beal (Dekalb Hustle Hogs)


Bobby Doe (Boulder Rebels)


Jeremy Holman (New Image)
Ray Reynolds (BAC Pride)
Victor Florez (Dekalb Hustle Hogs)

Order of Finish:
3-0: New Image (WI)
2-2: BAC Pride (IL)
3-3: Dekalb Hustle Hogs (IL)
2-3: Quad City Titans (IA)
1-2: Boulder Rebels (CO)
1-2: Central Iowa Express (IA)

Tim Hatten: Tournament Director
Dave Parker: NAFA Wood Bat Director


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