2010 GHFL Playoff Tournament Results & Award Winners

September 13, 2010

Niagara Falls, ON

Golden Horseshoe Fastball League
Niagara Falls, Ontario

The GHFL crowned a repeat champion Sunday afternoon as the Waterdown Hammer defended their league title with a thrilling 9-6 come-from-behind win over the top-seed Niagara Falls Fury. Full scores below.

Bob Blamauer, who belted six home runs in six games for the Hammer, was named the Gord Newman Memorial Playoff MVP.

Matt Lyon, of the Niagara Snappers, was the 2010 GHFL MVP, with a .610 average, nine home runs and 30 RBIs in 19 games played. Lyon also finished with 12-3 pitching record..

Scott Wagar, of the Niagara Falls Fury, was the 2010 GHFL Top Pitcher, compiling a 14-3 record leading his Fury to first place overall.

Rookie Joel Langford, second basemen for the Mississauga Arrows, was the 2010 Russ Dekker Memorial Defensive Player of the Year.

Dan Bernard, of the Niagara Snappers, was the 2010 recipient of the Janet Greatrix Memorial Sportmanship & Dedication Award for his tireless behind-the-scenes work over many years with his team and the league.

On behalf of the GHFL, congratulations to all award winners. Thanks to Rob Greatrix and the entire Niagara Falls committee for outstanding work in hosting the annual playoff tournament. We also want to thank Peter Kluszczynski and his Blue Crew for excellent work this past weekend along with all of the GHFL umpires who work the regular season.

September 10-12
GHFL Playoff Tournament
Niagara Falls, Ontario

Lizards 19 Dawgs 0 - 3 innings
WP: Rich Vassos 5Ks
LP: Jeff Bolton, relief Gerry Bongers
Lizards: Jason Surdyke 2-4 HR; Darren Newson 3-3 HR; Darryl Breadner 3-3 HR
Snappers 1Tazco 0 - 9 innings
WP: Matt Lyon 6Ks
LP: Tom Berube 13Ks
Snappers: Scott Young 2-4 2b GWRBI
Tazco: Jeff Kraneyk 2-4

Fury 8 Royals 0 - 5 innings
WP: Scott Wagar 14Ks
LP: Marvin Smith, relief Joe Parker
Fury: Adam Dearborn HR, 3b 3RBIs; Ray Carr HR
Royals: Dom Demasi 2b

Fury 1 Arrows 0
WP: Scott Wagar 4 hits 14Ks
LP: Jeff Wilson 3 hits, unearned run

Target 1 Knights 0
WP: Gord Scott 2 hits 13Ks
LP: Kyle Linton 9Ks
Target: Mark Cameron 1-3 RBI

Hammer 6 Tazco 0
WP: Doug Hoffman 3 hits 7Ks
LP: Mike Joseph 11 hits 2Ks
Hammer: Bob Blamauer 3-3 2 HRs 4RBIs; Steve Gillis 3-3 HR

Lizards 8 Royals 4
WP Dan Duemo
LP Marvin Smith
Lizards: Dan Edholm 2b 2RBIs; Darrin Newson 2-3 3RBIs
Royals Adam Solnik HR 3RBIs; Jason Young 2-3 HR

7 Dawgs 0 - 6 innings
WP: Chris McColl
LP: Gerry Bongers
Hammer 10 Snappers 1 - 5 innings
WP: Rod Fevereau
LP: Jason Paylove, relief Perry Bartley
Hammer: Dave Brownhill 2-3 2b; Will Lake 2-3; Kyle Davis 2-3
Snappers: Mike Bateman HR

Fury 11 Dawgs 4 - 6 innings
WP: Butch Provost
LP: Brad Wills
Fury: Ray Carr HR 2RBIs; Phil John 3-4 HR; Mark Korten HR
Dawgs: Jordan Lewis HR; Steve Veenstra HR

Hammer 5 Knights 4
WP: Doug Hoffman in relief of Jim Hurst
LP: Kyle Linton
Hammer: Geoff Hornby HR; Kyle Davis 2b 2RBIs
Knights: Tyler Higgins 2-4 HR; Jordan Copeland 1-3 HR

Snappers 5 Target 4
WP: Matt Lyon
LP: Gord Scott
Snappers Trevor Falk 3-4 HR; Matt Lyon 2-4 2b HR; Kres Anderson HR
Target: Dave Harper 2-4; Brian Prowse HR; Mark Cameron HR

Hammer 11 Target 4
WP: Doug Hoffman
LP: Gord Scott
Hammer: Dave Brownhill 3-3; Bob Blamauer 3-3 HR; Mike Brown 3-3 RBI
Target: Dave Harper 2-3

Arrows 5 Royals 4
WP: Chris McColl, relief Jeff Wilson
LP: Marvin Smith
Arrows: Chris McColl 2-3 2b 2RBIs; Jeff Wilson 2BB RBI; Mike Oliver 1-2 2BB; Rob O'Neill 2BB
Royals: Glen Crocker 3b 2RBIs; Lance Galbraith RBI; Matt Smith RBI

Fury 6 Lizards 5
WP: Scott Wagar
LP: Rich Vassos, relief Dan Duemo
no details available

Lizards 5 Arrows 4
WP: Dan Duemo, relief Rich Vassos
LP: Jeff Wilson
Lizards: Mike Breadner 2RBIs
Arrows: Jeff Wilson HR 2RBIs; Blair Setford 2b RBI; Mike Oliver RBI

Royals 12 Dawgs 10
WP: Jason Young, relief Joe Parker
LP: Jeff Bolton
Royals: Jason Young 2-4 2 HRs 5RBIs; Adam Solnik 2-4 HR 2 RBIs; Glen Crocker 2-3 HR; Dom Demasi 2-3 HR
Dawgs: Jordan Lewis 2-5; Steve Veenstra Grand Slam 5RBIs; Ryan Nickels 2BB RBI; Andrew Lessard 2-4 2b
Snappers 2 Knights 1
WP: Matt Lyon
LP: Andrew Putnam
Snappers: Scott Young 2-3 2b RBI; Perry Bartley 3b; Alex Szockyj RBI
Knights: Barry Lexchin HR

Tazco 1 Target 0
WP: Tom Berube 14Ks 1 hit
LP: Gord Scott
Tazco: Pat McCloy 1-2 run
Target: Todd Townsend 1b

Tazco 6 Knights 1
WP: Tom Berube
LP: Andrew Putnam
Tazco: no details available
Knights: Tyler Higgins HR

P1 Tazco 2 Lizards 1
WP: Mike Joseph
LP: Rich Vassos
Tazco: Mark Hall walk off two-run HR in B7

P2 Snappers 11 Arrows 9
WP: Matt Lyon
LP: Chris McColl, in relief of Jeff Wilson
Snappers: Trevor Falk 2 HRs 5RBIs; Ron Webb HR; Kevin Newhouse HR 2 RBIs
Arrows: Joel Langford HR; Rob O'Neill HR; Whitney Bridge 2-4 2b HR 3RBIs

P3 Fury 5 Tazco 2
WP Scott Wagar
LP Tom Berube
Fury: Tommy Watkinson 2-4 HR 2RBIs, Phil John 2-4 3b 2RBIs, Rob Greatrix 3-4 RBI
Tazco: Will Parent HR 2b, Pat McCloy HR 1b

P4 Hammer 14 Snappers 11
WP: Doug Hoffman 4IP, 7H, 4R, 2K, 0BB; in relief of Rod Favreau 3IP, 5H, 7R, 1K, 2BB
LP: Matt Lyon 6IP, 10H, 14R, 2K, 5BB; relief Mike Bateman 1IP, 2H, 0R, 1K, 0BB
Hammer: Steve Gillis 2-4 HR 5 RBI’s, Bob Blamauer 2-4 2 HR 3 RBI’s, Dave Kingdon 2-4 HR 3 RBI’s, Kyle Davis 1-4 HR 2 RBI’s
Snappers: Scott Young 1-3 HR 3 RBI’s, Trevor Falk 2-4 HR 2 RBI’s, Kevin Newhouse 2-4 HR 3 RBI’s, Dan Bernard 2-3 2 RBI’s, Alex Szockyj RBI

Championship Game
Hammer 9 Fury 6
WP: Doug Hoffman
LP: Scott Wagar
Hammer: Steve Gillis HR 1b; Bob Blamauer HR 1b; Kyle Davis HR 1b 3RBIs; Geoff Hornby 2b, Dave Kingdon 2-4
Fury: Mark Korten HR 1b 2RBIs; Ray Carr HR 1b; Rob Greatrix 2-3
Fury take a 3-0 in the second on the strength of a 2-run home run by Mark Korten and a RBI single by Scott Wagar. The Hammer answer on a Bob Blamauer HR to make score 3-1. The Fury get one back via a solo shot by Ray Carr. With the score 4-1, a solo HR by the Hammer's Steve Gillis makes it 4-2 and a Dave Kingdon RBI double makes it 4-3. With the score 5-3 in T6, the Hammer's Kyle Davis hits a 2-out, 2-strike 3-run HR and suddenly the Hammer lead 6-5. The Fury scratch out the tying run in the B6 on a 2-out RBI single by Rob Greatrix, setting up the 7th. The Hammer load the bases with none out and Dave Brownhill scores on a pass ball. The Hammer get a couple more on a 2-out Geoff Hornby single that the Fury outfielder gets a glove on but can't hold. The Fury go down in order in B7.


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