Promoting the sport of Fastball

March 3, 2011

Toronto, ON

I established a social networking site,  , that
exposes world wide the profile of an athlete, amateur or
semi-professional. It basically interacts athletes of all sports,
such as baseball, soccer, hockey, basketball, football, etc. It lets
you build your personal sport profile, for others world wide to view.
This will enable promotion of the sport of fastball.


"Let the world see your talent"
-Build your personal sport profile
-"Get exposure world wide", "post your highlight reel", "Discover your
hidden talent"

--Players, Agents, Coaches, Teams, Schools and Universities (connect
with these through our site.

Can you please post on Alsfastball the following:

"Interact with players, agents, coaches, teams and schools, to help
promote your skills and talents. Post a CV/Resume of your athletic
career. Sportfolioz will allow you to connect world wide to find,
promote and see pure talent. As players of a beautiful game, use
sportfolioz to show the world your talent, and let the agents, players
and coaches see what you have to offer. Its 100% free, expand our
passion for fastball."

Best regards,

Domenic Demasi


If you have questions, please contact Domenic and NOT AlsFastball!

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