Mens Fastball Tournament (Elmvale, ON CAN)

April 24, 2006

Elmvale, ON

Elmvale, ON
The Wyevale Grey Power Tribe fastball club with support from Apexia
Voice and Data and Leo Dubeau(Remax) is hosting it's annual
men's fastball tournament.

Where: Elmvale, ON CAN (25 min. North of Barrie,
                        10 min. East of Wasaga Beach)
When:  Jun.30, Jul.1,2 2006 (Canada Day long weekend)
Number of teams: 12
Entry fee: $325 and no gate admission charge for players or fans
Prize Money: A Winner - $1000
(Based on 12 teams)

Pitcher eligibility: pitching is limited to ISCII caliber (based on
rules set out by the ISC)

Format: Round-robin, teams guaranteed 3 games (7-innings or time limit)

Format details:
Teams will be grouped into four pools of three.  Each team will play the
other two teams in their pool.  Then the top two teams from each pool
will be seeded into a single elimination tournament to decide the A
Champion.  The bottom team in each pool will be seeded into their own
single elimination tournament to determine the B Champion.  Championship
game is scheduled for 2:15 pm on Sunday.

Last Year's Winner - Minesing Monarchs
Previous Year's Winner - Milverton Millwrights

Last YearÂ’s participants included:
Wyevale Tribe
Vasey Dodgers
Toanche Eagles
Elmvale Shakey's
Elmvale Jimmy's
Toronto Bingo's
Minesing Monarchs
Milverton Millwrights

There will be an outdoor Beer Gardens with great view of ball diamond.
Accommodation available in Elmvale, Wasaga Beach, Midland and Barrie.

    If you have any questions please email me.  If you would like
to enter our tournament please send me an email stating so and also mail
a post-dated cheque dated Jun.30/06 payable to "Tribe Fastball club" in
the amount of $325 to:

Apexia Voice and Data
Attn: Shane Bywater
166 Bayfield St.
Barrie, ON L4M 3B5

    Before your first game is played we will give your cheque back in
return for $325 cash which will make it easier to pay prize money and
umpire fees... and beer if we run short!

Shane Bywater
Wyevale Tribe member