Al's Fastball adding listings for Intermediate Tournaments

April 24, 2006

Al's adding in ISC II level tournament info


Al's links for tournaments has traditionally been for those major tournaments attended by teams playing their way to the annual ISC World Tournament and who report in advance their schedules, teams etc. so the fans know what is going on.  In additon, those tournaments listed here also have a positive record for reporting results as they happen, either on their own site, or to Al's Fastball List.

A good example of this is the Annual AAU Tournament at Disney in Orlando Florida, and the upcoming Red Rocks tournament in St. George Utah. There are many others like them, and congratulations to them all. On the other hand, there are a few tournaments who do not report their results as they happen, or even within a week - shame on them - this site is not for you.  Its an exclusive club - send us your schedules and teams AND the results as they happen and you become a "member of the club".

Until today, we have not included other men's fastball tournaments for non-ISC-level teams. However, due to the rising popularity in the ISC II specifically and intermediate ball generally, we have decided to offer those hosting ISC II / Intermediate level tournaments a place on the net to put their information.  Please keep in mind that to get added to this site, we fully expect to get those updates:
        - schedules
        - teams
        - Results - as they happen - at least day by day.

Do not forget, we also have a News Service for ISC II level ball.  Write to  fastball@pmihrm.com and ask to Subscribe ISC II List.