This week in Fastball Sept 8th

September 9, 2011

Kitchener, ON

Three Peats in Owen Sound!!!
Repeats in Milverton???


Christine Rivet of the Record got it right. The Hallman Twins...a team
that was disbanded earlier this year, rose from the ashes to claim
their 3rd Canadian Championship in 3 years. The team had disbanded
earlier this year. In June, Dave Bailey, Doug Eidt and Jim Hallman
rethought that decision and committed to the Three-Peat. The Twins had
chased many Ontario and Canadian championships over the past 3 dozen or
so years of operation with differing amounts of success. They have now
won 3 in a row, in St Thomas, in PEI and now in Owen Sound.

The preliminary rounds opened up onSunday in Owen Sound, the defending
champ Twins taking the field against Darren Zack and the Quebec
squad. Zack went 5 innings, Greg Garrity went 2 for Quebec and the
win...the Twins were 0 for 1 losing 5 - 2, Dale Levy started the
tournament 2 for 2...a pair of doubles..Greg Courneya and Andy Jackson,
batting one, two for the Twins in the 2nd inning, both hit doubles,
scoring Courneya to open the scoring. .Brandon Horn, starting at short
stop, opened the 3rd inning with a homer, Quecbec's Steve Savard homered
in the bottom half...Matthew Lessard hit a two run homer to give Quebec
a 3 -2 lead..Garrity and Savard scored in the 6th for Quebec

Sunday afternoon and Newfoundland..St John's winning 7 - 1...Sean
Whitten got the win, allowing 3 hits, 1 run and striking out 12 Twins.
Andrew Phiibbs took the loss for the Twins. Allan Phibbs got the only
KW run...a solo homer in the 2nd. Home runs were the offence of
choice...7 of the 8 runs scored were 4 baggers....For
Newfoundland...Stephen Mullaley 2 run homer, Ian Ferhman solo shot and
Justin Gill a 3 run homer.

Twins 0 - 2 on opening Sunday....and facing the old rival..Owen Sound
Selects on Monday morning...

The Selects Matt Leahy gave Owen Sound the win....2 hits, 0 runs...Don
Scott struck out 10 Selects but was tagged for the 3 - 0 loss. Two of
those runs were a 2 run homer from Ben Wideman in the 3rd.. followed by
a single shot from Adam Dearborn.

Still looking for a win...the Twins now faced Port Elgin and again came
up short...this time 5 - 3 with Scott Smith posting the win for the team
from the town with the beautiful sunsets...Sean Winship pitched 3
innings for the Blue Devil save. Mike Riley had a 2 run homer for
Port Elgin, and Matt Reinhart drove in 2. In the 4th, Pat Graham had 2
RBIs for the Twins. Chad Crawford scored on Brendon Horn's RBI in the

Wednesday and still no wins for the defending Canadian champs and New
Brunswick is next...Don Scott, ISC World Tournament top pitcher on the
rubber for the Twins....Dale Levy and Rob O"Brien both homer for the
Twins in the 1st inning...Terry Martin and AJ Moses score in the
2nd..Brandon Horn with those 2 RBIs, Rob O'Brien scores in the
3rd...Brian Roote's RBI, Brendon Horn and Dale Levy score in the 4th
and the 6th...

For the NewBrunswick team...Edan Welsh had solo homers in the 3rd and

Don Scott got the win, 9 Ks, 2 runs on those 2 Welsh HRs...Brian Newton
and Donnely Archibald took the loss for NB...

Twins now on the board...and PEI is next...PEI (0-5) and the Twins
(1-4) were the finalists in last year's CASAs, this year they were
fighting for the bottom of the pile, rather than the top of the heap.

Ward Gosse for the Islanders, Andrew Phibbs for the Twins..
PEI gets off to a quick start in the first...scoring 3 runs...Rowan
Lam, Gosse, and M. Arsenault, Andy Jackson replied for the Twins in
the second.....and Arsenault again in the 3rd this time a HR, pairing
that with his double in the 1st...

PEI 4 runs on 6 hits......Twins 1 run on 4 hits and 8 left on base...

Now the Giants from BC....with a record of 4 - 2, and a strong lineup
of veterans...Schelenberg, Newitt, Mayson, Wenstrom, Giebrecht, the BC
team was a pretournament favourite.....but favourites were losing this

Todd Martin on the slab for the was time to bring the Twins
back onto the W side .....and so they did...Martin held the Giants to
2 hits..shutting out BC 6 - 0.... Brandon Horn, Dale Levy and Rob
O'Brien 2 hits each...Pat Graham batting 2nd, opened the scoring in the
first,.... tripled and scored on O'Briens single. Allen Phibbs a solo
Homer led of the 2nd...Brian Roote tripled. Chad Crawford tripled and
Brandon Horn singled to score Crawford. Brian Roote walked in the 4th
and Horn another RBI single...Horn scored in the 7th as well...Twins 6
- BC 0...Twins now 2 - 5 and in 8th place.

The Twins bats were coming alive, singles, doubles and homruns
producing RBIs, and Todd Martin was in the park...Offence and
pitching ready to carry the Twins forward..

Saturday morning, the Championship round opens...The Twins are in the
single elimination round, and to meet the Port Elgin Blue
Devils...loser goes home....winner goes on...

Ryan Wolfe, at his first at bat for the tournament, goes solo over the
fence to announce his arrival in Owen the 2nd Pat Graham
singles and Brian Roote, over the fence for 2 more Twins runs...The
Blue Devils close the gap, with 2 of their own in the bottom of the
2nd..Brent Underwood on a homer from Aaron Whitney, Ryan Dudgeon ties
the game for the Blue Devils in the 5th...AllenPhibbs on base with a
single in tied, and Greg Courneyea hits a 2 run HR for
the win....and on to the next game...later in the afternoon

New Brunswick...4th after pool play,....faced Don Scott.....Justin
Schofield for NB..

Dale Levy, batting 3rd for the Twins..ripped his first Championship
Homer off Schofied in the first inning...Tracey for NB replied with one
of his own in the bottom of the 1st...Score tied at 1 after 1...The
Twins hit the "go button" in the second..scoring 5 runs...Allen Phibbs
a solo HR, Greg Coruneyea, a walk, Andy Jackson a walk, Brian Roote a
2 RBI single, Ryan Wolfe a walk, Brendon Horn a RBI, and Dale Levy a

In the 3rd..Allan Phibbs another solo HR, and Pat Graham brings home
Greg Courneyea who singled.

4th inning...Brendon a double, Dale Levy another Homer....Rob O'Brien a
double and another Courneyea RBI...

Don Scott the win 6 hits, 3 runs, 1 K...Todd Martin, 0 hits, 5Ks ...and
Andrew Phibbs finished the game....3 up 3 down...

Twins 11 runs...New Brunswick 3...and Twins advance to play the 6th
place Owen Sound Selects. Owen Sound had been knocking off teams as
well and this was looking like it might be a tight game...

Dale Levy and Allan Phibbs had other ideas...

Brendon Horn was hit by a pitch, Dale drove him home with a 2 run
homer...long over the scoreboard in left....Andy Skelton replied in the
bottom of the 1st with a solo homer...the only Owen Sound run of the

2nd inning, Twins, Graham, Roote, Wolfe, Horn, Levy all reach base on
walks or singles, Obrien on an error, ...RBIs to Horn (2) , Levy (1)
and O'Brien (2), and Allen Phibbs (1)...

3rd inning..Single for Wolfe, 2 run HR for Dale Levy...really heating up
now, single for O'Brien and another homer by Allen Phibbs, for 2 more

In the 4th...Brian Roote doubles, Wolfe singles and Brendor Horn singles...

Final score...Big win for the Twins...13.- 1

Todd Martin .....3 innings, 1 hit, 1 run, 4Ks, Andrew Phibbs went 2
innings, 2 hits, and 4 Ks...0 runs...

and the semi final against Quebec was next...

Todd Martin going again for the Twins...picking up Don Scott who was
on the trainer's table almost all weekend nursing injuries...

In the first...Ryan Wolfe against Quebec's Greg Garrity...and a
walk...two outs and Rob O'Brien lights up the scoreboard with a2 run
Second inning...Grey Courneyea hit by pitch...Pat Graham moves him to
2nd..and Andy Jackson scores him on a single..Brian Roote walks and
Ryan Wolfe brings him home with a single..
In the 3rd...Rob O'Brien singles and Pat Graham scores him with a
single...6 - 0 after 3....Change in pitchers for Quebec..Darren Zack in
for Garrity

Quebec's Mathieu Roy, Quebec's lead off hitter homers off Andrew
Phibbs for Quebec's only run, that in the 7th....Phibbs had taken
over for Martin to start the 6th inning...
In the top of the 7th the Hallman Twins batted around the order....Terry
Martin, singled to lead off the to 2nd on an error, Graham
now at first, Andy Jackson scored Martin with a single..Brian Roote
scored Graham, another single, Ryan Wolfe on base with a Fielder's
Choice, Jackson out at 3rd...Brandon Horn a single, Dale Levy a 2 RBI
triple..., and Allan Phibbs a RBI single...6 more runs....and the win
against Garrity and Zack..Todd Martin the win...5 innings, 5 hits, 1
run, 8 Ks...Andrew Phibbs, 2 innings. 2 hits, 1 run, 3 Ks...

Hallman Twins....3Peat...with a 4 - 3 win over St John's..

Allan Phibbs can barely walk, Don Scott can barely pitch, Todd Martin is
sore and struggling, and the Twins are up against the undefeated team
from Newfoundland...power up and down the batting order, Ezekiel,
Ezekiel, Fehrman, Mullaley, Hill, Boland, Lewis, Ezekiel, Evely, great
pitching, Sean Whitten and Sean Cleary...

The Twins open with offence right away....Ryan Wolfe singles to open the
game..Dale Levy with another 2 run homer..2 - 0 after one inning and
that holds to the 5th....

Todd Martin lasted til one out in the 4th...and was replaced on the
rubber by Don Scott...Scott retired Ryan Boland and Mark Lewis on

In the 5th Newfoundland got going. Boland on first, and Brad Ezekiel
at bat, Blair Ezekiel on deck..home run Brad, home run Blair, and its 3
- 2 St john's after 5 innings...

Top of the 6th...Brandon Horn leads off with a single..Dale Levy....are
you thinking another 2 run homer from Big Red..not this time..a
walk...and Allen Phibbs brings in Horn...but out at 1st..Levy on board
at 2nd....St John's makes a pitching change..Whitten for Cleary....Allan
Phibbs in the batters box..and Phibbs wins...another RBI for the Twins
on a single.... score now Twins 4 - 3 and St John's coming to bat in the
bottom of the 6th..

Pat Boland singles, Kyle Ezekiel sacrifice bunt, Boland at
away...Geoff Evely and Sean Boland out...on to the 7th, Scott hurting
after every pitch.

7th inning, nothing from the Twins in the top....and the top of the
order up for St John's....Brad Ezekiel a single, the tying run at
1st...Blair Ezekiel pops up to Don Scott, Ian Fehrman pops up to Brendon
Horn, and Steve Mullaley Ks.....Twins win...4- 3 , against a very strong
Newfoundland team.

The Twins win their 3rd national championship in 3 years. They
overcame a poor start, they got production from all parts of the
batting order, were able to overcome injuries to their pitchers and
catchers, and rode the power hitting of the top of the lineup to a
come from behind Canadian title.


Catcher...Pat Boland N/L
1st Base..Steve Savard Que
2nd Base..Trevor Johnston BC
3rd Base..Darryl McKinnon Port Elgin
Short ..Kevin Schellenberg, BC
O/F Mark Johnson PEI
O/F Dale Levy Kitchener
O/F Jason Hill N/L
Utility Ryan Thompson, Owen Sound
Pitcher Seah Whitten N/L
Top Pitcher Sean Clearey N/L
Top Batter Ian Ferhman N/L
Round Robin MVP Steve Mullaley N/L
Playoff MVP Allen Phibbs Kitchener

Some Stats Playoff

Allan Phibbs ......588 Bat Avg..3 runs ...10 hits...3 HR, 7 RBIs,
Dale Levy.....571 Bat Avg..8 runs ...8 hits...1double, 1 triple, 5 HRs,
15 RBIs,
Brandon Horn...438 Bat Avg,..5 runs, 7 hits, 4 RBIs
Brian Roote...400 Bat Avg..6 runs, 6 hits, a double and a HR...3 RBIs
Ryan Wolfe...308 Bat Avg..5 runs, 4 hits, 1 HR, 2 RBIs
Rob O'Brien...294 Bat Avg...5 runs, 5 hits, double, HR...5 RBIs
Pat Graham...286 Bat Avg..3 runs, 4 hits...2 RBIs

in round robin play

Dale Levy led the Twins..409 Bat Avg..9 hits, 1 HR
Rob O'Brien...389 Bat Avg, 7 hits, 3 RBIs
Allen Phibbs..316 Bat Avg..6 hits 3 RBIs

Pitching Championship Round

Andrew Phibbs...3 games...5 innings...allowed 4 hits...1
run...earned...8 k's ....1.40 ERA

Todd Martin...5 games...19 innings...allowed 18 hits...8
runs...earned,...4 walks...33 ks..3 wins...ERA...2.95

Don Scott...3 games..7 innings...allowed 10 hits...3 runs...earned, 2
walks, 7 ks, 2 wins...and ERA 3.00

Other notes..

3 Major Wins, Canadians, ASAs, and ISCs... this summer for the
following...Ryan Wolfe, Brendon Horn, Don Scott, Pat Graham, Andrew Phibbs

And a great week of fastalll...congratulations to the Owen Sound Selects
and the host was a great tournament...


And so ....on to the next two events and the end of the season...

First...this weekend...the South Perth League Championship tournament in
Milverton beginning Friday nite with 3 games

7:30 pm...Shakespeare 12 - 10 vs Linwood (4 - 18)

9pm.....Sebringville 9- 13 vs Breslau 9 - 13
9pm.....Mitchell Mets 12 - 10 vs Mitchell Royals 8 - 13 - 1


10 am...Hickson 13 - 9 vs Tavistock Jrs..0 - 22

At noon

Wellington Sox...20 - 2 vs winner of Shakespeare/Linwood

KW Cubs 13 - 9 vs winner Hickson/Tavistock

at ten am...

Elmira 17 - 5 vs winner Sebringville/Breslau

Kitchener Outlaws 14 - 7 - 1 vs winner Mitchell/Mitchell

and so on thru to Sunday..

Some SPL stats...

Home runs...Corey Tinline Outlaws 9 .....Jeremy Creeden Sox
5......Dan Mitchell Cubs 5....Dale Levy Sebringville 5.....

with 4 homers...Rob Faulhaufer Shakespeare, Adam Hiller, Cubs, and Brian
Krohn, Outlaws

Strikeout leaders

Don Scott....Sebringville 120

MarkVanVliet....Hickson 118

Fred Follings..Shakespeare 109

Andrew Phibbs..Breslau 107

Mel Ross...Wellington and Casey Halstead ...Elmira 93

Ryan French ...Cubs 90

Kevin Buckly...Outlaws 82

Dan Martin ..Elmira 79

Luke Raymer Shakespeare 63


More next week..including the schedule for the ISC OCC qualifier in New
Dundee set for Sept 16 17 and 18...


See you at the ball yard...