Kars Aces repeat as GOFL champions

September 13, 2011

Quyon, QC

The Kars Aces repeated as Greater Ottawa Fastball League playoff champions at the year end tournament on Sept 9-10 in Quyon, Quebec. The Aces won the tournament finale in a great back and forth game with two excellent pitching performances. For the Flyers, it was the third year in a row that they lost in the final.
The seven-team GOFL had a hybrid playoff format for this year as the first seed advanced directly to the playoff tournament, and the remaining six teams played a best-of-five series to gain entry into the year end event. The "Final Weekend Showdown" tournament was a double knockout with 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3 on Friday night and the remainder played on the Saturday. An addition to the event was two Ontario University Women's fastpitch league games played between the U of Ottawa GeeGees and the Windsor U Lancers.
Crowds were good, the weather was great and the event was successful.  See below for playoff info. For more information, visit the league blog at
Final standings:
1. Quyon, QC Combat Flyers 15-0-3
2. Kars, ON Aces 11-7
3. Barrhaven, ON Broadway Blues 7-8-3
4. Ottawa, ON Taylor's Blitz 7-9-2
5. Fitzroy Harbour, ON West Carleton Electric 7-10-1
6. Carp, ON I4C Victory 6-12
7. Stittsville, ON 56ers 5-12-1
First round of playoffs:
Kars defeated Stittsville 3 games to 2
Barrhaven defeated Carp 3 games to 1
Ottawa defeated Fitzroy Harbour 3 games to 1
Elimination tournament:
Quyon 7 Ottawa 0
WP: Drew Hathway (1 hitter)
LP: Jamie Blakely with relief from Shannon Borho
Kars 4 Barrhaven 0
WP: Steve Price (22Ks - two passed ball third strikes)
LP: Trevory Lahey with relief from Paul Ceppi
HR: Steve Price, Dave Tubman (Kars) 
Barrhaven 5 Ottawa 4
WP: Paul Ceppi, Save: Trevor Lahey
LP: Shannon Borho
HR: Cal Medynski (Barrhaven)
HR: Derick Bulley x 2, Tony Searle (Ottawa)
Kars 8 Quyon 1
WP: Corey Costello
LP: Joran Graham with relief from Drew Hathway and Matt Greer
HR: Dave Tubman (grand slam), Kevin Chevrier, Kristian Knapp (Kars)
HR: Joran Graham (Quyon)
Quyon 5 Barrhaven 0
WP: Drew Hathway with relief from Matt Greer
LP: Chad Hargrove with relief from Paul Ceppi
HR: Matt Greer, Drew Hathway (Quyon)
FINAL: Kars 6 Quyon 2
WP: Steve Price with relief from Brad Porter (combined 2 hitter)
LP: Drew Hathway with relief from Joran Graham
HR: Kristian Knapp, Matt Alkerton (Kars)
HR: Drew Hathway (Quyon)
Adam Brown
Fitzroy Harbour, ON