November News - Shutdowns/Slowdowns - Update

October 1, 2011

Richmond Hill, ON

AlsFastball will have a couple of periods in October AND November where our service will be down for a few days.


   (My operation was pushed back from Oct 11 to Nov 16)

Our Richmond Hill office will remain the same, however we will be physically moving our home office to a new location on October 4.

Our internet connection will be down for the move from October 3 to October 5.  Hopefully we will be back up by October 6 or earlier depending on Murphy.

We will be forwarding some news stories to NEWS-2 from our BlackBerry. Only news items received at fastball(at)pmihrm.com will be forwarded to NEWS-2.  This service has a few drawbacks including the fact any news posted cannot be changed and it cannot be removed, its there for life; there is also a time delay for things we send to this service and it does not format columns at all.


On October 11 we are going into hospital for surgery and AlsFastball will be totally shut down until at least October 18.

 The operation got changed at the last moment, moved to November 16 so we will be totally down from November 16 to at least November 24.


Please do not send attachments to fastball(at)pmihrm.com at any time, especially during the October shutdowns.

All attachments should be directed to aldoran42(at)yahoo.com however we cannot gurantee we will get to them during the month of October.


Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause our regulars who post fastball news to our site.  We hope we will be back up and operational after both interuptions and back in full swing by November, working towards getting ready for AAU in Orlando in January 2012.

Please continue to read and support our good friends at FastpitchWest



Al Doran

27 September 2011



Well we completed the move on October 5, a day late.

Bell, holding true to their horrible reputation as a service provider totally let us down on Monday, not showing up for the service call they scheduled 8-12, in fact I was here 8am to 1pm and not a sign of Mother Bell and no call. I called them and "oops, sorry, our computer seems to have lost your work order, but here it is, oh yes, we were to be there today 8-12 but such is life, but not to worry, we will be out to your new house in the next 48 hours, what's that, a time, your kidding, now just wait at the house we will show up sometime."  They did show up the next day much to our surprise and they did call us to come over and let them in. Good technician, he worked outside for an hour before I needed to let him in. He was here 3 hours to wire the house properly, which it seems they failed to do so the first time when they only put in one jack.

So our modem is working and our home lines are working and so far I have found pieces of my desk top computer but for now I am on my lap top trying to catch up.

Many news items went to NEWS-2 during the few days we were down.

Wednesday Rogers were to be here 5-9 pm and they showed up at 3pm while we were still loading the truck. They may appear here Friday morning to connect the cable for TV.  Now we have TV and a Rogers modem in the basement as not likely the Bell modem will provide a good signal down there. So for now we are a two modem family, one from Bell and one from Rogers. Over the next 90 days or so we will test both and depending on which one seems able to service our little home, we will keep it and say good bye to the surplus one. Yes, I am hoping its Bell as still ticked off they did not show at all for a scheduled appointment.

Now for the next important date, October 11, ooops, it got wiped out today. The surgeon called today to let me know the operation has been moved to November 16. I have mixed emotions on that, I dread the surgery but its got to be done and it would be better to get it over with. The reason for the surgery delay? Well I would tell you but it might scare off anyone completating any kind of surgery in the near future. Enough to say an operation went bad and my spot on October 11 has been given to the poor guy who must have the surgery all over again.

BTW, thanks for the kind words from everyone in regards to the surgery. I hope it happens on the new date.

I will keep you posted.


Al Doran
6 Oct 2011







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