Erie tournament 2012

September 29, 2011

Erie, PA

Fastball world, 

There is a slight uncertainty involving the 2012 Ed McCormick Invitational tournament in Erie PA.   

In the 2 years of existence, I have held the tournament on the LAST weekend of July and it quickly grew into one of the most competitive invitational tournaments in North America.   But the 2012 version has hit a snag that puts a few things in jeopardy. 

The 2012 ASA Men's Major National is in Ashland Ohio, originally scheduled for the normal first weekend of August.   But due to a potential conflict of schedule with another event in the area (some kind of car or motorcycle race which is a very big regional event and will make hotels nearly impossible to get),  the ASA is contemplating moving their National championship to the weekend of Erie.   If this happens, I can cancel the Erie tournament or attempt to move it.   It's easy to say "Just move the tournament to another date" but I don't want to conflict with any other tournaments that would be hurt by my dates moving.   Swapping the dates with ASA is an option but it's a concern that the quality of teams would not travel to Erie then travel to Michigan the following week.  

We are hoping to get official word about whether ASA is going to move their dates in November.  Hopefully I'll have another announcement at that time. 

Bill Hillhouse
houseofpitching (at)