Release 2012 ISC Out of Region Players II

December 28, 2011

Ingersoll, ON


Release 2012 ISC Out of Region Players II    Release in PDF


2012 ISC Out of Region Players
December  2011
The filing deadline for 2012 Out of Region players remains at May 1, 2012.
Each out-of-region player must send an email to AND blairjs@rogers.comstating, "I intend to play the 2012 ISC season with (team name).  My home region is (name of home ISC region)."  The 2012 team manager is to be copied. ISC Region definitions are shown on under the Rules and Forms link.
Upon receiving the email, we will acknowledge it by return email to the player and the team manager.
On or before May 1, the team must mail the ISC Out of Region Team Recap form and a check (or credit card info) for the appropriate fee.  The Team Recap form is located at click on Rules and Forms link in the left margin.
Out of Region change for 2012For a $500 per player fee, Out of Region players may be added to a team’s roster between May 2 and June 15. This change does not expand the number of OOR pitchers a given team may have.
New Zealand and Argentina Exceptions for 2012 – The New Zealand Black Sox and possibly the Argentina national teams will be touring the US and Canada from mid-June to early-July.   Players on these teams will not be released to club teams until the tour is completed.  Because of this, it would be impossible for those national team players to meet the ISC requirement of Out of Region players participating with their 2012 club team in an ISC Qualifier or in invitational tournaments in both June and July.  The ISC Executive Committee recently approved an exception for members of the New Zealand Black Sox and Argentina national teams so they will be eligible for ISC play.  Members of the New Zealand and Argentina touring teams will not have to play in a Qualifier or in a June invitational but will have to play with their 2012 team in a July invitational.  There are 4-July weekends available after their North American tour ends.
This exception does not change the May 1 (or June 15) Out of Region due date for player email commitments and mailing the Team Recap.
We feel this 2012 exception will benefit both US and Canadian teams and provide a new playing opportunity for several New Zealand and Argentina players.  We expect to see the New Zealand and Argentina rosters within the next 45-60 days.
Joe Todd
ISC Vice-Pres - Communications
Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada

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