Hackettball Photography: 2012 ISC World Tournament Photos

November 6, 2012

Midland, MI

2012 ISC World Tournament, Day 1 Album 1

2012 ISC World Tournament, Day 2 Album

2012 ISC World Tournament, Day 3 Album

2012 ISC World Tournament, Day 4 Album

2012 ISC World Tournament, Day 5 Album

2012 ISC World Tournament, Day 6 Album

2012 ISC World Tournament, Day 7 Album

2012 ISC II Awards Album

2012 ISC World Tournament TEAM PHOTOS

2012 ISC Hall of Fame Breakfast Photos

Stay tuned, lots more to come!

2012 ISC World Tournament Photos
Greetings to everyone,
Now that we are back from the World Tournament, I have begun editing of the photos, which is going to be a very long and involved process. We ended up taking over 57,000 total shots at the 8 days of tournament action. Needless to say this will take a while for us to go through and edit, but rest assured I intend to spend every spare moment I have working on the photos until they are completed.
So far I have almost 1,000 photos up to view of the first two days of action. Details of ordering and the photo links can be found on this page:
For each day’s action I will be adding photo albums, and will have separate albums for team photos, opening ceremonies, Hall of Fame breakfast, and the Awards presentations.
Each of the photos of the album are low resolution examples with a watermark attached, to give the viewers and idea of what we have taken. When the photos are purchased, the watermark is removed, the ISC World Tournament logo is added, and each photo will be high resolution.
For purchasing, here are the instructions:
  1. You can use the paypal link attached to the above website address. When ordering the individual photos, after purchasing, please email me ( what photos, from which album you would like (Example: You order one photo, and you email me “I would like #57 of ISC Day 1”). Please use a headline of ISC Photos when emailing me so I don’t miss it.
  2. For others that don’t use paypal, you can send me a check, cash, or money order made out to: Bruce Hackett to the following address:
Bruce Hackett
82 Rodaha Drive
Corning, NY 14830
3.       If you use a non pay pal form of purchasing photos, please send me an email letting me know so that I can work on your photo and once payment is received you can be sent your order.
4.       Please note, once you purchase individual photos, you will be emailed the photos that you purchase. These photos will not be printed and mailed to you. Instead you will be emailed the photos so that you have the digital image to keep, and can make as many copies as you wish.
5.       Anyone purchasing the Team photo, or single game, or team packages: All of your team’s images for the package you purchase will be included on the DVD in folders. All images will be high resolution photos with the ISC Logo attached to each of the photos. These DVD’s will be mailed to you once they are completed.
Most of the photo examples we have in the galleries are either in 5x7 or 8x10 format. These are the two formats that work best for displaying the images.
Finally I would like to point out to everyone, that this has been a major undertaking for us, and that we both have normal jobs that do not include photography, so we will be conducting work on the photos each night after the work day ends, so it may take us awhile to get the photos done, but rest assured we will put in the time to get the photos done and out to view as quickly as we possibly can.
Bruce Hackett & Meshion McDaniels
Hackettball Photography
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