ISGU Update from Alex Linares

October 4, 2012

Orlando, FL

In the previous 13 years, the list of participating teams has never been made public this early.  Why did the AAU decided to release the name of teams they have so far ? I don't know and I don't care.

It seems like somebody is thinking " strategy " here.  But strategy to me is not to play your opponent's style.

AAU has a bunch of " intent to participate " forms.  Maybe half of those have already paid their entry fee.. meaning, there is a chance some teams might drop out.. That is exactly what I have.. Why make this list public before deadline ?

I rather wait for deadline and be 100% sure of what we have.

Guys...  I have just finish reading a website page where people write their opinions and it really surprised me to see how
some people will write and say bad things about me, in this case without really knowing the facts.

For 13 years I gave every team, every coach and every player I had a chance an honest hand shake.. I do not have two faces but it seems like some people do not know what honesty and sincerity is.

I will not write anything bad about the AAU because I spent 17 years of my life there and still have some very good friends there working hard to give the public good events..... but I have to clear my name here.

For the past few years I was been pressure for me to raise entry fee even higher....  I was told entry fee had to go up to $750 for the 2013 event and I had to tell teams they were going to have to stay in one of two hotels ( both of them four stars hotels ). I argued many times in team's defense saying, these guys come down to play ball and do spend enough money in plain tickets, hotel, food, car rentals etc.  " we can't not do that "

After I made the decision to leave the AAU and told them I was taking my event with me, I got into a bunch of e-mails exchanges with my former supervisor and a couple of others involved. They even suggested a legal confrontation where after thinking about it, I came to the conclusion I had no chance of winning because I do not have the money to hire the kind of lawyer they do.

Finally I told them, " you know what ?  go ahead keep the tournament and I am going to do another one "

After putting so much pressure on me to raise entry fee and the four stars hotel, now they lower entry fee and find a 2 star hotel for the host hotel... Why ?

I am not competing against AAU or their tournament now... I am doing my own, affiliated with ISF and ASA and giving my best
like always.  OK. guys... no more gossip or guessing... This is exactly what went on and this is exactly what I am doing.

For those who liked me after all these years.. Thank you.. for those writing bad things about me, you most have a reason and it's fine.  Good luck to those at the AAU and from bottom of my heart I really hope they have a good event for the love of the game.



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