University Softball Championships to be Broadcasted Online

October 5, 2012

Kitchener, ON

University Softball Championships to be Broadcasted Online

The Ontario Intercollegiate Women's Fastpitch Association (OIWFA) is proud to announce they have partnered with Cornerstone Courier – Kitchener and Air It Media to broadcast the 2012 OIWFA Championships live on www.oiwfa.org for the second consecutive year. 
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<STRONG>2012 OIWFA Championships to be Broadcasted Live Online October 19<SUP>th</SUP>-21<SUP>st</SUP></STRONG><BR>&nbsp;<BR>GUELPH, ON - The Ontario Intercollegiate Women's Fastpitch Association (OIWFA) is proud to announce they have partnered with Cornerstone Courier – Kitchener and Air It Media to broadcast the 2012 OIWFA Championships live on <A href="http://webbox.com/redir.asp?u=http://oiwfa.us6.list-manage.com/track/click?u=0660a8f2ae315f9d57dda45b5&amp;id=53b55f3ead&amp;e=f58090e021" target=newwin data-mce-href="http://webbox.com/redir.asp?u=http://oiwfa.us6.list-manage.com/track/click?u=0660a8f2ae315f9d57dda45b5&amp;id=53b55f3ead&amp;e=f58090e021">www.oiwfa.org</A> for the second consecutive year.&nbsp; Once again being hosted by the two time defending OIWFA Champions Western Mustangs, the top eight Ontario University softball teams will compete at Stronach Park in London, Ontario on October 19-21<SUP>st </SUP>&nbsp;to claim the 11<SUP>th</SUP> OIWFA Championship.<BR><BR>OIWFA will be broadcasting six round-robin games, featuring all eight teams, one quarter-final game, one semi-final game and the Championship game; to ensure that all fans can catch some great fastball action as the 2012 season will officially come to a close.&nbsp;This year’s streaming will provide more interactions via social media, multiple camera angles, live interviews with coaches and athletes, season highlights and much more.&nbsp; The OIWFA will also be filming a Public Service Announcement with the You Can Play Project in partnership with Patrick Burke and the entire <A href="http://webbox.com/redir.asp?u=http://oiwfa.us6.list-manage.com/track/click?u=0660a8f2ae315f9d57dda45b5&amp;id=7d1f5ff2e3&amp;e=f58090e021" target=newwin data-mce-href="http://webbox.com/redir.asp?u=http://oiwfa.us6.list-manage.com/track/click?u=0660a8f2ae315f9d57dda45b5&amp;id=7d1f5ff2e3&amp;e=f58090e021">www.youcanplayproject.org</A> team. Commentary will be provided by Kyle Smith from ballparkradio.com along with other colour commentary from the Ball Park Radio team. Smith will also act as the emcee for the OIWFA Banquet to be held on Saturday evening at the Carling Heights Community Centre.<BR>&nbsp;<BR>This will be the second consecutive live streaming of the Provincial Championships after a successful event in 2011 with over 3,000 unique viewers.&nbsp; To tune in over the weekend, you simply need a computer or an iPhone with a high-speed internet connection.&nbsp;<BR>&nbsp;<BR>For full information on the OIWFA, up to date scores and standings, Championship schedule, and to tune into the live streaming on October 19-21, please visit <A href="http://webbox.com/redir.asp?u=http://oiwfa.us6.list-manage.com/track/click?u=0660a8f2ae315f9d57dda45b5&amp;id=44c132bb63&amp;e=f58090e021" target=newwin data-mce-href="http://webbox.com/redir.asp?u=http://oiwfa.us6.list-manage.com/track/click?u=0660a8f2ae315f9d57dda45b5&amp;id=44c132bb63&amp;e=f58090e021">www.oiwfa.org</A> .<BR>&nbsp;<BR>Cornerstone Courier Inc. is a family owned business that believes in treating customers right. Having over 35 years’ experience in the courier industry, we continue to grow by providing superior service and dedication to our customer's needs.&nbsp; Whether you are shipping an envelope or several skids, try Cornerstone today! Cornerstone Courier – Kitchener has been involved with a number of premier softball events throughout the years and is excited to partner with the OIWFA.<BR>&nbsp;<BR>Air It Media is a new Toronto based Production Company that focuses on webcasting live events along with a variety of other commercial services. Air It Media is proud to join the OIWFA for a second consecutive season to help further the sport in Ontario Universities.<BR><BR>OIWFA was created on November 3, 2001 by representatives from York University, the University of Toronto, McMaster University and the University of Ottawa.&nbsp; OIWFA is now comprised of 12 university teams and over 200 student-athletes from across the province.<BR><BR>For more information on the OIWFA or the Provincial Championships, please contact Matt Allen, President via email <A href="mailto:matt_allen44@hotmail.com?subject=OIWFA%20Inquiry" target=_blank data-mce-href="mailto:matt_allen44@hotmail.com?subject=OIWFA%20Inquiry">matt_allen44@hotmail.com</A> or by phone 519-580-4120<BR><BR>&nbsp; <DIV>-30-<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <A href="http://webbox.com/redir.asp?u=http://oiwfa.us6.list-manage.com/track/click?u=0660a8f2ae315f9d57dda45b5&amp;id=264b35d22f&amp;e=f58090e021" target=newwin data-mce-href="http://webbox.com/redir.asp?u=http://oiwfa.us6.list-manage.com/track/click?u=0660a8f2ae315f9d57dda45b5&amp;id=264b35d22f&amp;e=f58090e021"><IMG alt="" align=none src="http://gallery.mailchimp.com/0660a8f2ae315f9d57dda45b5/images/Cornerstone_Colour_300dpi.jpg" width=114 height=128 data-mce-src="http://gallery.mailchimp.com/0660a8f2ae315f9d57dda45b5/images/Cornerstone_Colour_300dpi.jpg"></A>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <STRONG>Air It Media</STRONG>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; <A href="http://webbox.com/redir.asp?u=http://oiwfa.us6.list-manage2.com/track/click?u=0660a8f2ae315f9d57dda45b5&amp;id=89a48d68dd&amp;e=f58090e021" target=newwin data-mce-href="http://webbox.com/redir.asp?u=http://oiwfa.us6.list-manage2.com/track/click?u=0660a8f2ae315f9d57dda45b5&amp;id=89a48d68dd&amp;e=f58090e021"><IMG alt="" align=none src="http://gallery.mailchimp.com/0660a8f2ae315f9d57dda45b5/images/2011_logo.jpg" width=183 height=66 data-mce-src="http://gallery.mailchimp.com/0660a8f2ae315f9d57dda45b5/images/2011_logo.jpg"></A> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;<BR>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;</DIV>