Argentina starts with a vicotry

November 2, 2012

Parana, ARG


Argentina debuted with victory
Posted on November 2, 2012 by admin The inaugural game of the IX ISF Junior Men's World Championship went to the store. Argentina, in just four innings knocked out Czech Republic 11-1, in a game where almost no equivalence between the two teams, in attack and solid in defense almost impenetrable winner and European team loose.

Joaquín Alegre Argentina hit by two singles, driving in three runs and scoring two, sharing with Ladislao Malarczuk merits, which was March 3, with an RBI and a run scored, and Roman Godoy went to the street with two aboard.

Argentina started up, with two RBIs for Alegre, who singled to bring Malarczuk, which had taken a hit, and Olheiser, who flied to center and this could not dominate. Before, Migliavacca had been received by an unstoppable Vokal, but struck out three in a row.

That first episode showed the trend. Argentina quick reading European launchers and dominating on defense, despite the shock of the next entry that ended the game for the local opener.

At the top of the second inning, singled Freylac there Koluch infield hit and negotiated Korcak ticket to fill the house. Argentina Migliavacca relieved with Martin Gonzalez, but had to carry the discount the sacrifice.

The home side responded with another pass gum Minigutti (ticket), driven by Malarczuk.

At the close of the third, Argentina struck again, first with a triple to set foot on the rubber Lombardo by management Alegre and caused over from the Czech thrower. Then Gonzalez was hit by balls and Aranaz doublet and brought two more. Aranaz Minigutti then drove to the seventh.

In the bottom of the fourth inning homer came the first World Cup, courtesy of Roman Godoy. It was a three-run, with Lombardo (single) and Alegre (ticket) in circulation. The national offensive, with some high points, was making the debut a bit complicated process.

In the same episode when the end came with the bases loaded, Olheiser again hit a high this time between the left and center were ordered to drop to pass through the rubber Migliavacca dialing 11-1.

Vladimir Hanak had to bear the loss while Paul Migliavacca got the win with just 1 and 1/3 released, with four strikeouts, three hits allowed, given a ticket and allowed the only run Czech. His successor, Martin Gonzalez completed the four inputs received no runs, struck out two and gave one hit.