#Parana2012 Denmark beat Venezuela in the last inning

November 4, 2012

Parana, ARG


This afternoon,Denmark surprised everybody hugely at the Junior Men’s World Championship after defeatingVenezuela by 6 – 3 at the Plumazo stadium, while the other two matches that have been held until the evening ended before the seventh episode. TheUnited StatesdefeatedSingaporein three innings by 16 – 1 and Canada beat CzechRepublic by 10 –1 insix innings.

The pitchers ruled the game until the end;Venezuelafell before the European team allowing the six runs on the opening of the seventh when a combination of mistakes, free walks and unique unstoppable ball caused the first ecumenical “bum

Venezuelahad gone up in the second and in the sixth stepped twice the home plate and it seemed the ending of the game, but in the final shift for the Danish would come the pay off to their endeavor.

Chaparro, the relief pitcher, ought to carry the burden of the defeat and in his two thirds of inning in the circle; he received the winner’s unique unstoppable ball in the whole game. However, the two free walks combined with a series of mistakes and hit batters by their pitches allowed three runs for the Danish victory.

Escorcia, the starting pitcher, threw 6.1 innings. He didn’t allow hits, ceded 5 walks and struck out 9, receiving three runs.

The winner was Naourí Nicolaisen, who did the whole run with 4 hits received, 5 walks, 7 strike outs and three runs. Simonsen was a hero too for the winner, since his triple was the booster of three runs on that final inning that will remain in our memories.

In the early hours, the United States defeated Singapore, in only three innings and in the same central field, Canada defeated 10 – 1 Czech Republic.

Steve Normand was the winning pitcher, allowing only one run on the ending of the fifth; he struck out 6 and received 3 unstoppable. Pete Frejlach was the loser, who struck out 4 and received 11 unstoppable. Throughout the game there were no free walks on the first.

Within the next few minutes,AustraliaandSingaporewill be playing on the main field, and on the neighboring field Plumazo will be playingNew ZealandagainstIndia.