#Parana2012 Mataboge's stock on the rise

November 20, 2012

Parana, ARG

Botswana's only International Softball Federation (ISF) accredited umpire, Abel Mataboge's got the highlight of his career when he officiated in last Saturday's IX ISF Men's World Championship in Paran‡, Argentina.


Hosts Argentina were crowned world champion for the first time in history, after beating Japan 5-0 in the final.Mataboge was assigned at second base during the final after getting rave reviews in the 15 matches he officiated in throughout the tournament.According to post-match reviews on umpires' performances, Mataboge was exceptional except at right field where he was said to have been rather too casual.


He had first base thrice, home plate four times and third base three times. And before being handed second base in the final, he had officiated there twice, also getting one right field and one left field. Mataboge, who returned to Gaborone on Wednesday, singled out the Argentina appearance as his best so far."It was actually great and different because this time around, it was a men's game. It was a little bit slow last time; it was quite an experience for me."

His previous international assignments had been at the 16th World Cup in Florida, United States of America (US) and the ISF JWWC in Cape Town, South Africa, last December.His dream is to groom a local umpire who will reach his standard in three years. "It's not about what I want but when someone shows commitment towards that it's easier to help them. I'm willing to do that, even the international softball federation encourages that."

He added: "When you go out to represent the country you must be able to give back to the country to develop other guys."He is the first African outside South Africa to get the certification early last year. At the time, five South Africans had already received the qualification.