ISGU 2013 Teams and Pools

December 5, 2012

Orlando, FL


Hi Al !   Nobody said it was going to be easy...  Way to many teams asking for me to wait for them to pay their entry fee..
I just can't wait for ever so I decided to do the pools with the 28 teams paid off..
After I have this done and was just waiting for two more people to double check for me, I have a team wanting to pay right now and a couple more saying they will pay by Friday....
So, here are the seven pools of teams I have right now... with the posibility of maybe adding one more...
Pool A                                      Pool B                                   Pool C                                Pool D
Team U.S.A.                            Lanzeros                              Los Socios                         Team Puerto Rico
Sopotosientos                        Titanes                                 Bama                                  Excellent Car Service
Padres                                     Barranquitas                       El Dorado                           Amigos
Bravos                                     Venezolanos                       Tenerife                              Maracaibo
Pool E                                      Pool F                                  Pool G
Sureños                                   Petroleros                          Cavaliers  
Combatientes                         Panama                              Positive Brothers
CPI                                           Team Eight                        Ohio Battery     
Triple A. Razorback                Toros                                  Sintraumet


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