Pairings For Memorial Weekend Tournament, Walcott, Iowa, May 24 -26 ,2013

May 7, 2013

Walcott, IA

Eight teams are entered in the Memorial Weekend tournament at Walcott.  Pool A consists of the LampLiter Inn, Walcott, Bloomington Styx, Bloomington, IL, Pete’s Blues, St. Louis, McCuen’s Pub, Des Moines, IA.  Pool B consists of New Image, Mt. Horeb, WI, Dolan & Murphy, Aurora, IL, Palazzo’s Java Hut, Des Moines, Winterset A’s, Winterset, IA.


Play begins on Friday, May 24th with two games at Wescott Park:


7:00 PM – LampLiter/Bloomington

9:00 PM – New Image/Winterset


On Saturday, May 25th play begins at 11:00 AM


11:00 AM at Wescott – Pete’s/McCuen’s

11:00 AM at Victory – Palazzo’s/Dolan & Murphy


1:00 PM at Wescott – McCuen’s/Bloomington

1:00 PM at Victory – Winterset/Palazzo’s 


3:00 PM at Wescott – LampLiter/Pete’s

3:00 PM at Victory – New Image/Dolan and Murphy


5:00 PM at Wescott – Pete’s/Bloomington

5:00 PM at Victory – Winterset/Dolan and Murphy


7:00 PM at Wescott – LampLiter/McCuen’s

7:00 PM at Victory – Palazzo’s/New Image


Games on Sunday, May 26th include:


11:00 AM – Wescott – Pool A 1st Place versus Pool B 2nd Place

11:00 AM – Victory – Pool A 3rd Place versus Pool B 4th Place


1:00 PM – Wescott – Pool B 1st Place versus Pool A 2nd Place

1:00 PM – Victory – Pool B 3rd Place versus Pool A 4th Place


3:00 PM – Winner A1/B2 versus Winner B1/A2 (Championship Game)


A variety of food and beverages are available at the parks.  Plan to visit and enjoy some quality fastpitch softball.  For further information, contact Ron Foster,