Results for the 10th Annual Casey at Bat tournament in Williamsburg, ON

May 26, 2013


Results for the 10th Annual Casey at Bat tournament in Williamsburg, ON

Congratulations to the Donnacona Blue Sox on defeating the Napanee Express Juniors to win the title at the Williamsburg tournament for the fourth consecutive year and the $1,000 prize.

Despite some cold, windy, wet weather, all the games were played by the 10 teams participating. Another good job by Lyle Schell and his group of volunteers.
Friday May 24
6:30pm Williamsburg Cigars 5 Domville Aces Midgets 0
WP: Cory Alkerton, relief from Jason Smith
LP: Matt McIntyre

6:30pm Barrhaven Broadway Blues 6 Cornwall 2
WP: Trevor Lahey, relief from Paul Ceppi
LP: Herb Seguin, relief from Chris Nichol

8:30pm Manotick Taylor's Blitz 6 Lyn Lightning 1
WP: Derick Bulley, relief from Shannon Borho
LP: Jeff McNish

Saturday May 25

8:30am Donnacona Blue Sox 8 Quebec Midgets 3
WP: Luc Thibault, relief from Patrice Leclerc
LP: Alex Lachance

10am Barrhaven Broadway Blues 4 Napanee Juniors 1
WP: Trevor Lahey
LP: Brandon Sands

10:30am Williamsburg Cigars 11 Eastmain Fireballs 0
WP: Cory Alkerton with relief from Jason Smith
LP: Ray Shanoush with relief from Will Lowe

12:00pm Manotick Taylor's Blitz 10 Domville Aces Midgets 0
WP: Jamie Blakely
LP: Matt McIntyre

12:30pm Donnacona Blue Sox 9 Cornwall 3
WP: Francis Leclair
LP: Steve McGillis relief from Chris Nichol

2:00pm Lyn Lightning 10 vs Eastmain Fireballs 2
WP: Matt McNish
LP: Will Lowe

2:30pm Williamsburg Cigars 7 Manotick Taylor's Blitz 1
WP: Cory Alkerton
LP: Shannon Borho

4:00pm Napanee Juniors 1 Quebec Midgets 0
4:30pm Donnacona Blue Sox 8 Barrhaven Broadway Blues 5
WP: Gregg Garrity
LP: Chad Hargrove relief from Trevor Lahey

6:00pm Lyn Lightning 11 Domville Aces Midgets 6
6:30pm Quebec Midgets 9 Cornwall 1
8:30pm Manotick Taylor's Blitz 5 vs Eastmain Fireballs 4
Sunday May 26

9:00am Napanee Express Juniors 5 Donnacona Blue Sox 0
WP: Cole Bolton
LP: Francis Leclair

9:00am Quebec Midgets 6 Barrhaven Broadway Blues 2
WP: Alex Lachance
LP: Paul Ceppi with relief from Trevor Lahey

11:00am Williamsburg Cigars 7 Lyn Lightning 7
Wburg: Jamie Smith and Cory Alkerton
Lyn: Matt McNish

11:00am Domville Aces Midget 4 Eastmain Fireballs 4

1:00pm Napanee Express Juniors defeated Cornwall (score not reported)
Standings after round robin:

Williamsburg, ON Cigars 3-0-1
Manotick, ON Taylor's Blitz 3-1
Lyn, ON  Lightning 2-1-1
Eastmain, QC Fireballs 0-3-1
Domville, ON Aces Midgets 0-3-1

Napanee, ON Express Juniors 3-1
Donnacona, QC Blue Sox 3-1
Quebec, QC Midgets 2-2
Barrhaven, ON Broadway Blues 2-2
Cornwall, ON 0-4

SemiFinal 1: Donnacona Blue Sox 8 Williamsburg Cigars 1
WP: Gregg Garrity
LP: Jason Smith
Mathieu Roy with two home runs for Donnacona

SemiFinal 2: Napanee Express Juniors 3 Manotick Taylor's Blitz 2
WP: Cole Bolton
LP: Jamie Blakely with relief from Shannon Borho and Derick Bulley

Final: Donnacona Blue Sox 10 Napanee Express Juniors 3
WP: Gregg Garrity
LP: Brandon Sands