Follow us this week from Brampton - 2013 ISF Junior Women's World Championships

July 6, 2013

Brampton, ON

 We are proud to announce that we will be reprising our role we played in Saskatoon in 2009 at the Men's World Championship, this week in Brampton, Ontario for the 2013 Junior Women's World Championship!


Its a rare treat to watch world class fastball all day and then go home and sleep in our own bed.


We will be covering the games from behind the plate on the main diamond, Diamond 1 at the Brampton Fairgrounds from July 1 to July 7, 2013.

Our main output will be on our twitter feed at http://twitter.com/AlsFastball/

You do not need a twitter feed to follow along, but maybe its time you opened a Twitter account and participated in the discussion.

Our main page http://www.alsfastball.com/ has a link to our most recent Tweets and if you click on the Follow us on Twitter logo, lower left on our page, you can see all the tweets.

On http://www.alsfastball.com/ we will be posting a number of interesting items including:

A daily schedule for the Umpires, the Daily Blue Crew Schedule so all the blue out there can see when their buddies are working a game.

Re posts of interesting articles from the Brampton Guardian and other local media as well as posts from other participating softball associations.



Tournament Page:

There are links to their Twitter feed, to Live Scoring, to Live Streaming, Schedules, Results, and much more.

Live Scoring

Live Streaming Video


Parking and Shuttle Service

Stay tuned, keep watching this link.

Directions to this great little gem of a park in Brampton are at the bottom of this page. 




Umpire Schedule - Blue Crew Day 1

Umpire Schedule - Blue Crew Day 2 - July 2

Umpire Schedule - The Blue Crew Day 3 - July 3

Umpire Schedule - The Blue Crew Day 4 - July 4

Umpire Schedule - The Blue Crew Day 5 - July 5

Umpire Schedule - The Blue Crew Day 6, July 6


 Notice: Monday morning, electrical problems at South Fletcher Fields so the first two games there were not streamed, scoring or video. The generators are now woking (10:30am) so this should be fixed by now. The live scoring and streaming at the diamonds at the main park, Brampton Fair Grounds, was working fine. I am working in the control tower at this complex with all the TV crews and scoring equipemnt, announcers, scoring staff, etc.


Technical Difficulties at Fletcher Park

July 1, 11:24am: We are experiencing some I.T. issues at  Fletcher Park. Our I.T. department is working on the issue at this time. Follow our official Twitter feed @2013_jwwc for updates.

 Day 1 Summary of the 10th Jr. Women's World Championship
(July 1):
Puerto Rico defeats Czech Republic: 8-0
Mexico defeats Netherlands: 10-4
USA defeats Great Britain: 10-0
Australia defeats China: 5-1
New Zealand defeats Puerto Rico: 2-1
Brazil defeats Botswana: 11-1
Mexico defeats Singapore: 15-0
Korea defeats Czech Republic: 5-0
Japan defeats China: 1-0
Canada defeats Great Britain: 5-0
Australia defeats Netherlands: 7-0


Day 2 Summary of the 10th Jr. Women's World Championship (July 2):
Japan defeats Netherlands: 11-0 (4 innings)
USA defeats Czech Republic: 13-0 (4 innings)
China defeats Botswana: 4-0
Great Britain defeats New Zealand: 6-5
Australia defeats Singapore: 10-0 (4 innings)
Netherlands defeats Brazil: 6-4
Puerto Rico defeats Korea: 9-0 (5 innings)
China defeats Mexico: 9-0 (6 innings)
Canada defeats Czech Republic: 5-1
Puerto Rico defeats Great Britain: 6-1
Singapore defeats Botswana 10-7
Japan defeats Australia: 4-1
Brazil defeats Mexico: 13-0 (5 innings)
Canada defeats Korea: 11-1 (6 innings) *USA and New Zealand both receive wins over Venezuela (withdrawal)


Day 3 Summary at the 10th ISF Jr. Women's World Championship (July 3):
Japan defeats Brazil: 9-2
China defeats Singapore: 10-1 (5 innings)
New Zealand defeats Czech Republic: 3-1
Canada defeats Puerto Rico: 4-0
Australia defeats Mexico: 5-3
Netherlands defeats Botswana: 7-2
Great Britain defeats Czech Republic: 3-2
Brazil defeats Singapore: 6-0
Japan defeats Botswana: 15-0 (3 innings)
USA defeats Puerto Rico: 15-0 (3 innings)
New Zealand defeats Korea: 7-0 (6 innings)
USA defeats Canada: 4-0
* Korea and Great Britain receive wins over Venezuela (withdrew)


Day 4 Summary at the 10th ISF Jr. Women's World Championship (July 4):
USA defeats Korea: 10-0 (4 innings)
Japan defeats Mexico: 10-0 (4 innings)
Australia defeats Botswana: 10-0 (6 innings)
Brazil defeats China: 1-0
USA defeats New Zealand: 7-0 (5 innings)
Netherlands defeats Singapore: 20-0 (3 innings)
Australia defeats Brazil: 8-0 (5 innings)
Korea defeats Great Britain 4-2
Mexico defeats Botswana: 4-3
China defeats Netherlands: 1-0
Japan defeats Singapore: 17-0 (3 innings)
New Zealand defeats Canada: 2-1
*Puerto Rico and Czech Republic each receive wins over Venezuela (withdrew)


Playoff Schedule for July 5 at the 10th ISF Jr. Women's World Championship (all times local):
Canada vs China (11:30am)
Brazil vs Puerto Rico (2:00pm)
USA vs Australia (5:00pm)
Japan vs New Zealand (7:30pm)

Unofficial Games:
Korea vs Botswana (11:00am)
Great Britain vs Singapore (4:00pm)
Netherlands vs Czech Republic (6:30pm)

Playoff results (day 1):  July 5
Canada defeats China: 4-0 (China eliminated)
Puerto Rico defeats Brazil: 5-3 (Brazil eliminated)
USA defeats Australia: 7-0
Japan defeats New Zealand: 4-1

Unofficial Games:
Korea defeats Botswana: 11-3
Great Britain vs Singapore: postponed due to rain Netherlands vs Czech Republic: postponed due to rain


Playoff Schedule for July 6 (all times local):
Canada vs Australia (11:30am)
Puerto Rico vs New Zealand (2:00pm)
USA vs Japan (5:00pm)
Winner of CAN/AUS vs Winner PUR/NZL (7:30pm)

Unofficial Games:
Great Britain vs Singapore (11:00am)
Netherlands vs Czech Republic (1:30pm)
Korea vs Winner of NED/CZE (4:00pm)
Mexico vs Winner GBR/SIN (6:30pm)


Day 5, Friday, July 5 - weather situation




Day 2, Tuesday, July 2, 2013

 PLAYER has left her stuff on the Parkinsons Bus! Call Parkinson's office at 905-451-4776 or if at park call driver 647-272-9523 - sweater, black pouch, etc. Driver thinks team may have been New Zealand or Netherlands.


Day 3, Wednesday, July 3, 2013

                                                                               Day 3 and looking tired already.


Day 5, the day the rain came down..... and the super grounds crew saved the day:

                          The Blazer Tower at the Brampton Fairgrounds, Brampton, Ontario.

 http://goo.gl/maps/3Jyod   - Google Map

 Brampton Fair Grounds    on FourSquare

46 McMurchy S
Brampton, ON L6Y 1Y4



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