Bloomington Stix Results

July 1, 2013

Madison, WI

The Bloominton Illinois Stix traveled to Madison Wi. for the NAFA Midwest Super Regional and came away with a 3-1 record even though they played without #1 pitcher Harrison Peters who is nursing a sore shoulder and starting catcher and team captain Pat Humphries. The Stix Defeated #21 Aurora Dolan and Murphy and took a loss to # 24 New Image in the final. They also recorded victories over Rooters Bar of ND and Willkomm Mobil  Wi.
Bloomington Stix     5
WillKomm Mobile  4
WP  Nathan Dickinson  7 IP  6 SO  6  H  0 ER
LP   Lubkeman
Damien Nairn 2 for 4  Walk off HR in 7th
Bloomington Stix  4
Rooters Bar         0
WP Damien Nairn  6 IP 13 SO 0 H 0 ER
       Bobby Ginger  1 IP  3 SO  1H  0ER
Damien Nairn HR
Bloomington Stix                  6
Aurora Dolan and Murphy    1
WP Nathan Dickinson  7 IP  7 SO 4 H 1 ER
LP  Jetmar
Brian Martie HR   2 RBI's
New Image        11
Bloomington Stix  2
WP Holman
LP  Damien Nairn  3 IP 3 SO  6 H  7 R  2 ER
       Nathan Dickinson  2 IP   1 SO 6 H  4 R 4 ER
Damien Nairn 2 for 3
Bob Ginger
Bloomington IL