Huron Wellness/Ashland Stockpack Results

July 3, 2013

Port Huron, MI

Huron Wellness/Ashland Stockpack Results with Winning and Losing Pitchers  Black is Friday, Red is Saturday and Blue is Elimination Round 



Huron Wellness/Stockpack-3                                    Huron Wellness/Stockpack- 1                   Midland Explorers- 8


Crush-0                                                                                Columbus Thunder- 2                                    Morpeth


Wp- Greg Guy                                                                   WP- Duane Wilder                                           WP- Doug Gillis


Lp- Todd Winkworth                                                       LP- Greg Guy                                                     LP- Rob Fawcett






Great Lakes Mariners- 3                                               Westerville Capitals- 6                                 Midland Explorers- 4


St.Thomas- 1                                                                      Waterdown Hammer- 1                               Hickson Reds- 3


WP- Sean Kelly                                                                  WP- Tyson Barkman                                       WP- Marty Humphries


LP- Ian Knott                                                                      LP- Doug Hoffman                                           LP- Jerlin Rutt




Saturday Gams                                                                 Wyvale Tribe- 4                                                Midland Explorers-0


Emerson Aces- 5                                                              Huron Wellness/Stockpack- 2                   Emerson Aces-1


Morpeth- 0                                                                         WP- Mark Lambie                                            WP- Kyle Crawford


WP- Kyle Crawford                                                          LP- Greg Guy                                                     LP- Andrew Putnam                                                                      


LP- Rob Fawcett




Emerson Aces- 2                                                              Westerville- 6                                                   Wyvale Tribe- 5


Hickson Reds- 0                                                                St.Thomas- 4                                                      Columbus Thunder- 4


WP- Rick Engle                                                                  WP- Mike Cantrell                                           WP- Giffen


LP- Jerlin Rutt                                                                    LP- Ian Knott                                                      LP- Justin Zimmerman




Wyvale Tribe-4                                                                 Great Lakes Mariners- 7                               Waterdown Hammer- 6


Crush- 0                                                                               Westerville- 0                                                   Great Lakes Mariners- 4


WP-Steve McNaughton                                                WP- Tyler Kelly                                                  WP- Doug Hoffman


LP- Todd Winkworth                                                       LP- Tyson Barkman                                          LP- Shawn Winship




Waterdown Hammer- 9                                               Crush- 2                                                               Hickson Reds- 6


St.Thomas Storm- 2                                                        Thunder- 3                                                          Morpeth- 2


WP- Jim Hurst                                                                    WP- Duane Wilder                                           WP- Dickson


LP-  Ian Knott                                                                     LP- Steve McNaughton                                 LP- Brown




Elimination Rounds


Huron Wellness/Stockpack- 7


Hickson Reds- 6


WP- Chris VonVolkenburg


LP- Jerlin Rutt




Midland Explorers- 3                                                     Westerville Capitals- 2                                 Waterdown Hammer- 5


Columbus Thunder- 2                                                    Great Lakes Mariners- 1                               Westerville Capitals- 0


WP- Marty Humphries                                                   WP- Tyson Barkman                                       WP- Doug Hoffman


LP- Jamie Thurman                                                          LP- Sean Kelly                                                    LP- Tyson Barkman




Huron Wellness /Stockpack- 2                                   Huron Wellness/Stockpack- 3                   Waterdown- 6


Emerson Aces- 1                                                              Midland Explorers- 2                                     Wyvale- 4


WP- Greg Guy                                                                   WP- Greg Guy                                                   WP- Doug Hoffman


LP- Kyle Crawford                                                            LP- Andrew Putnam                                       LP- Steve McNaughton




Championship Game


Huron Wellness/ Stockpack- 12


Waterdown Hammer-3


WP- Grey Guy


LP- Doug Hoffman