JWWC Weather Update from Brampton, ON

July 5, 2013

Brampton, ON

Day 5, Friday, July 5 - weather situation at 10 am:

A little rain still falling. The forcast seems to be clearing skys by 11am. Update from the park just in:

- The diamonds were tarped all night and the ISF is stating that we will start on time today.



Raining hard off and on.

The field was tarped before the rain started.

There is a lot of water on the field that will have to be removed before we can play.

We are hour by hour now, with hopes we start getting the field ready by 1pm but if that changes we will update here an on our Twitter.

 12:20pm - grounds crew are now clearing the water from the infield


ISF announce that first pitch will be at 3:00pm 3:30pm- Both Diamonds

 1:35pm The tarp is off the infield and they are woking on the wet edges.

OUR Unofficial Revised Schedule - we will try and keep it up to date.


 1:50pm just out for a walk around and was starting to look rather nice but now a bit of rain spitting down again.

 1:55pm just a precaution but the grounds crew are putting the tarps down on the vulnerable spots on diamond 1.

2:00pm and now its pouring rain again. Raining hard as the grounds crew finish putting the tarps over the bases.

 2:25pm and rain has stopped and grounds crew removing the tarps again.

2:45PM and sun peeking out. China warming up in the outfield and Canada in the park.  Korea and Botswana warming up on D2 at Fairgrounds Park. Looking at 3:30pm start, hopefully even earlier.

 3:25pm and its PLAY BALL!  finally.  3:30pm in B1, Canada pitching and its raining a bit.

 3:50pm and weather good so far.

4:55pm another RAIN DELAY B6 China due to bat

5:15pm tarps are off, rain has stopped. Prepping Diamond 1 for Canada vs China to resume, maybe 6:00pm or so.

5:45pm and grounds crew still working on Diamond 1.

6:00pm teams warming up, should start in 5 minutes or so. Canada up 4-0 B6- China to bat

6:10pm ready to go, waiting for the blue. The blue are here, 6:13pm and ready to go.

6:36pm Canada vs China ended and the sun is out. Quick prep of the field for USA vs Australia. estimated start time 7pm or shortly there after.