2013 U21 Men's International Softball Championship - Saskatoon

July 8, 2013

Saskatoon, SK

Just two more days until the first pitch of the 2013 U21 Men's International Softball Championship. This will produce the best U21 men's softball anyone has seen since the ISF World Championship in Argentina last fall as it will feature 20 of the top players from that championship.
July 9 - 14, 2013 — Saskatoon, SK
The championship will take off with a bang as the top four ranked teams will be done their first game by 3:00 Tuesday. Game one at 11:00 at Bob Van Impe Stadium is a dream matchup. Defending Champion Team Ontario featuring Team Canada Ace Michael Legace Roote will take on Team Alberta and Team Canada pitcher Steven Normand. Ontario has 6 players who were at the worlds and Alberta 5. Following that ISA New Zealand will get into real action after an undefeated Saskatchewan exhibition swing, as they play Manitoba at 12 at Gordie Howe Fastball Field. World U21 Champion Team Argentina will take at least three of their top players from the worlds into action against Team BC who will be led by Team Canada player Brad Beck.
The evening draw will feature Sr. Men's National Team coach Don Bates and national team program player Brennan Pokoyoway doing the opening pitch at 6:15 in the opening ceremonies at Bob Van Impe Stadium followed by local favourite Team Saskatchewan taking on the always hard hitting team Newfoundland. Number one ranked Ontario wraps up the evening when they play the defending bronze medalist Nova Scotia.
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Mark Loehndorf


U21 Men's International Softball Championship Host Committee